Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Saving Money

Today is Day two of our stay-cation and we are on the move. Yesterday my husband bought the Homemade Energy program and he started watching the videos on how to make the solar panels at home and his favorite part is the wind turbines. His goal is to have more money in our budget without necessarily having to work a second and third job and never seeing a pillow or a bed or family members. I love how is family and home are a big priorities to him. This morning Lonnie had to go hunt down some lawnmower parts and fix on that so that Zeke could mow the lawn. I will put up more pictures tomorrow but here are the pictures of our new pantry with the extra shelves, our thrift store finds and a few other cuties.
A new fish tank light we never have had one. The other day I bought the fake sea anemone. Now the guppies are swiming in style.

These are some great green bowl h&g that I found at the local resale store. 

Here are some wonderful green bowls I found at the same place.  Can you tell  green is my favorite color.

I found this 16 piece set of four bowels, plates, coffee mugs and salad plates  too.

I found 4 large and 4 small plates like these. 

I love my new and improved pantry. I even have a whole shelf just for my teas:)

This was snack time for the kids. I just threw in our left over cereal and told them to go for it.

Zeke the chef made us a lovely salad for lunch.  He will share the recipe  later.

Zeb had to show us his cereal teeth.

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