Thursday, March 1, 2012

What is Silver Shield?

Silver Shield | A Colloidal Silver ProductSilver Shield is tiny silver particles suspended in water. The Silver Shield that you buy from Natures Sunshine is gentle enough to use on the eyes to help eye infection and in the ears. In the ears you pour in a small amount and allow to sit for 10 minutes to kill out the germs. It is not your everyday colloidal silver but it has a new technology called silver sol,  that makes it work even better to fight germs, bacteria and infection in your body. Silver Shield has been used in Africa for malaria and it has been used in many homes across the world in homes just like yours and mine. We have been using it the past few days at our house because there has been this bug of some sort that has caused a terrible cough and a fever as well. We are improving although we need to continue to take it or another natural antibiotic until our symptoms are gone.  You can apply silver gel to your nostrils to prevent illness when you know you are going to be around it and you can spray it to your hands and let it dry so that you will have an invisible shield against germs or some send their children to school with the silver wipes so that they can have a little more defense away from home.

I no longer sell this product but you can find it at and it is a great product!

Jenifer Harrod
Certified Herbalist

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