Monday, January 30, 2012

The Zkids are Singing for Jesus!

This Sunday we sang at church again! It was kind of scary because we were not as comfortable with this song as we were the last song that we sang. So we had the words in front of us on a music stand just in case. We really wanted to be a blessing to my Dad (their PaPa) because this is his favorite song.  Everyone sang out and sang good so I was happy and I knew that my Dad would be. Afterwards PaPa said that we needed to sing that song at every service. To be honest though I'm glad that song is finished now we have to start preparing the next one. I'm praying for a new electric piano for our living room. Please pray with me for that. It would be such a blessing on songs like this last one that are a little harder to follow with just the voice.

I Just Want to Thank You Lord is the song that we sang. Our version was a little faster and we did it acapella. Plus there were no loud cries in the back ground. Just some hardy Amens! PTL! (that would have been hard to sing through)

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My husband did buy me an electric piano and it has been a blessing! Thanks to the Lord who giveth every good and perfect gift!


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