Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Introduction to Allergies

Today I am starting a series of posts on allergies. Please join me for this exciting look into the why and how of allergies.

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Allergies stem from the liver and a liver cleanse should be part of your quarterly program for health. This means that every 4 months you should be starting a new container of  liver cleanse. When your liver is full of toxins its histamine reaction is on overdrive. Allergies are a  auto-immune response and strengthening your immune system can greatly alleviate or even stop your allergies. The spleen is also a big player in the immune system. Sluggish spleen can be aided with spleen activator thereby increasing the efficacy of your immune system. If you start abiding by some really good diet changes and an exersise regimen which we will be talking about in this series and then  you add some effective herbs for controlling your symptoms and alleviating your suffering you can see relief even lasting improvement that will call attention to the great physician and even our Savior, God and the creator of all natural healing! 

I don't currently sell the natures sunshine products but I still think that they are a great product.

Mrs. Jenifer Harrod

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