Friday, January 6, 2012

I am So Blessed!

Here are some songs that my family likes to sing. We really like the Rochester children singers. We also sing some other songs and I will share them with you later.  Let me know what you think! Maybe one day we will record our songs as well. If we do I will share them with you.

Time Savers!

Sometimes I just don't have the time to spend hours preparing breakfast. I know you don't believe that about me, but it is true. There is just so much house work school work and computer work to get done that I have to come up with something to make it all balance better. So the other day when I made some of my spiced oatmeal I made a whole "boat load" and now all I have to do is "nuke" each child's portion when they wake up.

 I really don't do this often but I have been having a lot things to catch up on since my energy has been low and my husband has been sick with a sinus infection as well. My prime time is in the morning because I just run out of steam after that and I have to do work that doesn't require a lot of energy. Oatmeal is healthy and quick meals don't have to be nutrition free.

 Other quick meals to get you off to a good start are homemade granolabiscuits and pancakes.

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