Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Christmas Miracle

Every year I wonder how we will buy any Christmas gifts. We don't ever have any money to spend around Christmas or even before Christmas usually. It always comes down to the last week of pay right before Christmas. This year a new dollar store opened up right before Christmas and we were able to buy a few gifts there about a month before Christmas and that helped out.

Preparing for Christmas Day and the parties I would go to I started creating my own Christmas toys and Christmas gifts. It was a lot of fun for me and the kids loved the gifts as well. I ended up having a few gifts left over from the parties and I also made more rice bean bags.

Then my husband and I got to go shopping on the Sunday afternoon before Christmas because Uncle came over and watched the children for us.  We still didn't get to finish up shopping so I went after church as well. Some of the greatest gifts that I was privileged to give out were re-gifts from their Dad.

Zeke wanted a wooden handled knife and his Dad was able to give him a little buck knife that he had in his drawer because he already had another one that he used. It was in great condition and Zeke was so thrilled to have it. He just couldn't believe that his Dad gave him his knife!

Then Zach was wanting an ipod forever and we didn't have the money to spend on one this time so I picked up my husbands old one and asked him if it was in good shape and he said that it was originally an expensive one and worked well. So we wrapped that up and hid it in a cereal box. He had a time finding it. I taped it to the outside bottom of the box and covered it with wrapping paper then wrapped the box again with wrapping paper.

Then Zoi had lost her stylus to her DS so I found one that I thought was my husbands and hid it for her in a cereal box. Every re-gift was really fun to find and the recipient loved each one. God is good to give me such sweet children who appreciate the hard work that their Mom and Dad go through to give them a special day!

They know that Christmas is about Jesus and that Jesus puts it on our hearts to give to each other. They also know that Jesus provides every good and perfect gift. Thank you Jesus for a wonderful day with you!

Here is one of the cardboard box marble games that I made.
A little bus kid wanted one so I made him one special. He was so happy!
That made my day.

Zeke's doctor masks.

Zeb's spy gear.

Zoi's Hello Kitty and bed head:)

Loty's crayons and his sweet, "thank you"

Zach's dry erase board he wanted. He loves drawing.

I can never get a clear picture of my Nora because she is a
class A wiggle worm. Here she is with her clown bow.

Zeke admiring his foot ball.

Zach with a great smile.

Zena with her new carriage. Just what she wanted too:)
She said she should should have combed her hair. 

O.K. she was almost still in this picture. Here Nora has a little

Zoi looking for her gift. Where is it?

My husband opening his gift from me.

Zeb's marbles.

Hannah with her dog bone.

Zach with his metal slinky! Loved it!

Has God been good to your family and provided some Christmas miracles? God always provides sometimes   in unexpected places. The clothes on Nora were her Christmas clothes that I refashioned. God used what we thought was no longer of use to us to make some really nice clothes for our girls this year. Plus we were able to buy some shinny new gifts as well.

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Dianna said...

I love that you were willing to use your creativity a little bit and re-gift. Your kids look very happy!

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