Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rice Bag/Bean Bag Games

This Christmas I made a lot of games and toys for Children that I know. One of the games that I games that I made was a set of rice bags. I couldn't find any games on the Internet besides the typical corn hole type of game (and that is fun too) so I created my own.

Rice Bag/Bean Bag Games:

1. The Black Hole- Use a black marker and draw a black circle on a piece of paper and then place it a distance a head of you and make a line where you and your friends will stand to toss the rice bag/bean bag into the hole. Be sure to secure the paper with a few pieces of tape or if you are outside secure with some rocks.

2. Bucket Bag Toss- Grab a bucket any kind will do. (ice cream bucket, mop bucket, paint bucket, 5 gallon bucket, Easter bucket etc.)  Place at a distance from your starting point and mark a starting line. Each child will then have three bean bags to try to make into the bucket. Parent or older child will keep track of points or you don't have to keep up with points at all just have fun. You can offer treats for each point if you are playing this game at a party.

3. Box Bags- Find a cardboard box and follow the above rules.

4. Basket Bag- Find a large to medium sized basket and repeat the above rules.

5. Classic Rice Bag/Bean Bag Toss- build or buy a slanted board or cardboard box and follow the above rules. I'm planning on making a large cardboard one with hot glue. Later I will share that with you when I get a chance.

6.  Rice Bag/Bean Bag Fight- This game is for older kids only. (or really tough little kids) Each child has a set of bags they make a division line in the room or outside so that there are two sides and two teams.  Someone hollers "On your mark, get set go." If you get hit by three bags then you are dead and you fall down to the ground. When all of the bags have been tossed then the person that is left standing wins. Hint:Try to dodge the bags

7.  Rice Bag/Bean Bag Tag- Carry a bag with you if you are it and use it to tag the next person. Play until you are tired.

These next ones are from my husband Lonnie  

    8.  Hot Rice Bag- played like Hot Potato you can even warm your bag up in the microwave for a half a minute to a minute to get it warm just test it though to make sure it isn't too warm.
    9.  Rice bag Revolution:

    Set up:
  • Get 20 people in a circle facing inwards
  • Give every other person in the circle a rice bag
Game play:
  • Game begins on “On you mark, get set go!”
  • On “go” everyone with a rice bag shouts the name of another person in the circle and tosses the bag to him.
  • The person whose name was called by another player must catch the bag of the one who called his name.
  • Upon catching the bag the player then calls the name of anyone in the circle and tosses it to him.
  • Players who do not catch the bag or drop the bag must pick it up and run to center of circle and back and resume game play by shouting a name and tossing the bag.
  • Players are out of the game when they drop or fail to catch the bag three times

    Variations: game can be played with 6 or more people 

Do you have any games to add. You can make them up if you want and add them in the comments. Thanks!

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