Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our Sweet Little Dog R.I.P.


Yesterday, my husband and I were pretty sick most of the day. The stomach bug really got us down as well as other members of the family. We earnestly prayed that God would heal our family and that we could be up and going again. Things were improving a bit by night fall. The day before I had our dog Lyle in to help him heal; something had happened to his leg. I checked him out and there didn't seem to be a major problem but he seemed to be in a lot of pain. So I gave him a bath and got him cleaned up and then I held him for a while just to comfort him and tell him that we loved him.

Then later after he had dried off I decided to take him back outside so that he could get some fresh air. I was home with two sick children so we prayed over him and left him with his blankie in his dog house to rest and recover. I thought maybe the vitamin D outside would help him to get better too. He had been injured another time and made it through with no problems and the other time he had a large tumor looking thing yet with garlic he healed up in no time. He was just very fragile and easy to injure.

Last night I sent my sons to go check on the dog because I thought I heard something.  They came back and said that something was wrong with Lyle and that he might be dying or dead. I went out o check on him knowing that he was gone in my heart before I got there. I hated to see him and feel his stiff body. I had to tell the kids he was gone.

Then it came to me that I was the only one that was feeling good enough out of my husband and I to deal with disposing of the body. I didn't want the bugs to get to him and then kids go out and see him like that. So I asked my husband what I should do about the dog. He said that should put him in a couple of bags and then we should dig a whole or maybe something else. I immediately thought about the whole that the kids had been digging in the back yard and thought maybe he would fit into that whole.

The plan was in place so I decided to go ahead and act on it before I started being sick again. I got the bags and asked Zach my oldest to come along and hold the flash light. It was terrible though. I didn't know what this experience would do to me. I wasn't prepared for lifting his stiff lifeless body. It was so sad and depressing. I put the body into the bad and tied the bag. Then I just sat there and wept sadly petting his lifeless body. Then I had to repeat the process a second time to make sure no animals would dig him out again.

Then I thought, maybe Hannah, our Labrador, would need to sniff the body to know that Lyle her buddy had died since they slept in the same room every night. So I took him over to her and allowed the sniff. I don't know if she really understood what this meant or not but I didn't want her to be searching for Lyle in vain.

Lyle's body didn't fit into the hole and when my husband returns from work he needs to finish out the hole for us. So I went inside and got a box for now and when I got inside I just had to cry on my husbands shoulder because the tears had already been streaming down my face. It brought back old memories of my little poodle dog that I had in my teens. I remember finding that dog outside in the cold and knowing that she had died out there by accident. She had went out in the cold but never scratched to come back in. She was also dying and had a lot of health problems.At the end of the day, I was so relieved just to get that over with and crawl into my bed and block it out as much as I could so that I could get my rest.

I know God understands my grief and that he holds me up in times like these. I also know that death is a necessary part of life. One time our fish died and God used that death to bring the meaning of salvation clearly to the mind of one of my children. I'm praying that another one of my children will be helped to know the salvation of their soul from Hell through this death and that it will have meaning to their life. Please God let Lyle's little life be used for your honor and glory! In Jesus Name Amen.

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Moments like this make me long more for heaven where there will be no more sorrow or sadness.


Unknown said...

So sorry to hear about little Lyle. What a handsome fella. It is so hard to lose a pet as they really are part of the family - and being sick on top of it - it really must have taken a lot out of you to have to deal with everything.

I volunteer with animals and think it was very good that you let Hannah go sniff Lyle because animals really do go through a loss and grieving process too - so you've helped her to understand.

Lyle sounds like he was a very loved boy and I'm sure he went up to Heaven thankful to have known love and a family like yours.


Jenifer Harrod said...

Thank you so much Gigi for those sweet words.

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