Friday, November 16, 2012

Meal Planning On a Budget

An Honest Review

{me counseling myself}
Meal Planning has always been daunting for me. I have done it and failed many times. When I saw this book,
How to Meal Plan, I thought what could she teach me. I didn't know if I could learn it but I sure wanted to try. How hard could it be? Yet I am on a tight budget and I don't know a lot of recipes for our budget. We just seam to eat the same things over and over again every night. Lately I have been so tired and I don't even want to cook. Many time I'm worn out and my husband cooks, which I like but I need to relieve him when I can. If I had a plan before time maybe it wouldn't seem so hard to me when it come down to time to have something on the table.

Maybe you have been there too. I thought you might have.

I read the book and have started making my own plan. I am very excited about how this will create more harmony in my home and help us to always have a meal ready and not have to wait a while. I hate it when I am trying to think of something last minute. Some how I just got out of that routine or planning and now I am confident that with the help that Crystal has given me I can be more productive and not feel so overwhelmed by everything.

Here is the board I made on Pinterest after reading this book. Lots of yummy recipes to choose from.

Crystal provided a copy of her book to me for review here on the blog but you can get yours too at the discounted price of $4.99 by using the code launch.

How To Meal Plan on face book

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