Wednesday, October 24, 2012

May I Introduce You Please?

Are You Interested In Blogvertising?

I know its not a real word but I just had to use it. I would love to start introducing my blogging buddies here on Feeding Nine on a Dime. I would ask for your picture and a short description of yourself to be sent to me by email as well as the name of your blog and any links you would like included. I would send you my pay pal address and ask that you pay that way.

The pricing would be a one time fee of $5 through Paypal or a trade between us for you introducing my blog on your page. All you would have to do is send me some info on yourself likes and what your blog is about or you could even write the introduction yourself and attach a picture to your email.

There is an example below.

Jenifer enjoys growing organic tomatoes, organic children, and a sugar free husband. Her favorite color is green and she loves wearing long skirts. A lot of her time is spent on keeping house crafting and homeschooling her seven children. When she is not doing that she is playing the piano, working on the church bus, and serving with her husband in his Sunday school class for youth. You can find her sharing about family life at: 

If you are interested in this kind of advertising, please contact me at

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