Wednesday, October 3, 2012

For Women Only: How to Make a Bra Extender/How to Un-glue

The other day I was thinking that I should be able to come up with something to make my recently purchased bras fit less snug. So I grabbed an old bra that was worn out and clipped off the fasteners on each side and warmed up the hot glue gun. (gotta have it)

Then I knew that I could just glue the two sides back to back and have a fastener. but there was a little more to it than that they have to be glued in the right direction and on the right ends. So you may want to make a little mark with a marker or pen where you need to put everything and then glue.

Cut the old fasteners from the old bra
Mark your gluing places
Glue the fastener loops with the rounded edge to the right hand direction and then flip your fastener and glue the hook with the bend of the hook also toward the right hand.

I hope this makes sense if you get it wrong never fear it is possible to un-glue in most cases.  Just take the nozzle of your glue gun and gently press against the material where you have glued it together and the dried glue will melt and you can slowly pry it apart. Blow it dry again and proceed to glue it again. If your glue has left a mess in its place just take your nozzle and smooth off the left over glue and blow dry. Now you are ready to try again.

Here is how mine looked. Yours may look different because mine was just a exercise bra that I used to have. There are usually more rows of loops and hooks.

loop side

hook side (I had to place it to the end of one side)

Have you ever made one of these contraptions?


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