Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How to Make a Cloth Toilet Paper Storage Unit

I am always looking for a practical craft project. I have found one that will be a great addition to our home.  Never again will I be put into a situation where I have to run and get someone a roll of toilet paper. Never again will I hear, "MOM I NEED SOME TOILET PAPER!"  This alone is worth the effort but it was really fun and quick to make.


toilet paper
two empty cans of oat meal
hot glue
cloth a remnant or left over piece large enough
Plastic Oatmeal lid

Here are the picture directions:

                                          Step # 1- Pull off the top plastic rings of the oatmeal cans
                                                         take a knife or box cutter and cut out the
                                                         bottom of one can. Sorry no picture of this
                                                         first step. I will replace with a picture when
                                                         I make my next one.

Cut the end of one can off and glue the two cans together.

If you don't pull off the two little rings inside the top
of the cans it won't be seamless and the tp won't go down to the bottom.

Now cover the sides with your fabric glue one
 strip down the side and then wrap
around the fabric cut and glue again. Cut the top
 overlap to only have about a 1/8 on an
inch and fold under as you see in the picture
 above, and glue in place.

Cover the bottom with about an inch overlap
on the edge and glue into place.

Cut a round piece out by taking your lid
and cutting a inch larger around
the edge. Then take this piece upside down
 and start gluing the edges down
upside down and then turn it back over and
 glue that down to cover the bare spot.

Cut out the lid so that there is no sides
 to it then use the sides that you cut off
to make a hinge for your lid. Glue those
 pieces together with your hot glue.
Be careful not to glue yourself. 

Then make another round circle with your other lid with only
a small overage and glue that down all
 around then flip and glue to the
plastic lid you just made. Glue the hinge to your
 can in the middle of your fabric seam.

Take a piece of your lid again and cut it to make a little tab for
opening your lid without touching the
 material. this will help it fit better
and help your container to
 stay clean for a long time.

Have you ever made on of these? I have a lot of ideas for the next one. This one I have set on a small plate in case there is ever a toilet over flow because it is not waterproof. The one for the kids bathroom (I plan to make next) will be waterproof.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

How To Make a Cereal Box Doll House

This year for Zena's birthday she asked for a doll house. We had collected some cereal boxes so I thought that we could make her a cereal box doll house. Its still a work in progress but I thought I would let you take a peek. Big sister Zoi is going to make her some plates and things for the dollhouse next.


Cereal Boxes
duct tape
hot glue
fabric (discarded clothes and upholstery fabric)
If you want it to close up hole punch and ribbon

siding was old puzzle pieces

I even cut a slit between her hands so a dish could fit there


Cut on fold lines of the cereal box tape in floors and hot glue for good measure. Install extra layers for walls and floors to become stiff and durable. Cut out different objects like a stove or sink or table and glue to the wall. Make little braces for anything that you want to hold up out of a small line of cardboard cereal box and glue it in under those things like legs etc. Glue in the fabric that you want for the walls and the floor as well. Cut out the windows in the bottom because you need lots of light. Add more material for curtains etc. Cut out a cardboard person if you like and a stand for the person. Cut out dishes and silverware and even combs and brushes. If you want to get fancy you can I made a loft bed and stairs too. Obviously, mine is not very elaborate but yours can get as elaborate as you would like. Oura is still a work in progress its really fun to work with.  Please send me pictures of what you make.

Have you ever made anything like this?

To read more about Zena's Birthday I wrote the exciting story of her birth in a strange place in last year's post.
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

How To Make A Cheap, Quick, Easy Kids Snack in 5 Steps

Potatoes are really cheap and you can buy large bags of them at you local grocery store. But more than that with a little lesson from Mom and a little help from big brother or big sister.

Today,  I set up a potato prep factory with the kids and taught them all how to manage making themselves a baked potato.

What is needed:

plastic wrap or a glass dish with lid if you prefer
a fork or knife for poking holes in the potato

How to Cook:

1.Wrap your potato in plastic wrap until all covered. (kind of like wrapping a baby doll)
2. Poke holes in the wrapping all around.
3. Place in the center of your microwave and cook on high.
    Small=4-6 minutes
    Medium to medium large= 8-10 minutes
    Large like a restaurant = about 15 minutes
4. Remove from the microwave with a hot pad. Place onto a plate and fork open and smash.
5. Add toppings of your choice.

Today, we just prepared our potatoes and placed them into a drawer in our refrigerator with each child's name on it (with a permanent marker) that way when the kids need a snack they can make themselves one. Other great snacks for kids to make on their own are sandwiches  popcorn, ramen noodles, and tortilla roll ups.  Just make sure you have instructed young ones not to use knives and to ask for help from the older ones or their parents.

 What snacks do your children make on their own?

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How To Make Homemade Tooth Powder

My son Zach, is very active and proactive about taking care of his teeth and gums. He doesn't like just any toothpaste. He has read and heard many things about fluoride in toothpaste being bad for you. A few months ago, I started making him his very own tooth powder so that he can feel good about his tooth care. Believe it or not he really likes it.

Tooth Powder Recipe:

Base- baking soda
add to the base
a few drops of tea tree oil
a few drops of clove oil
a few shakes of ground cloves
a few shakes of cinnamon
a pinch of sea salt
you can also use some stevia or xylitol (which is good for your teeth) my 11 year old son uses his without any sweetener.

How to use:

Just wet your toothbrush with water and touch your brush to the powder and brush as usual. A little dab will do you.

Have you ever made your own tooth powder?


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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

May I Introduce You Please?

Are You Interested In Blogvertising?

I know its not a real word but I just had to use it. I would love to start introducing my blogging buddies here on Feeding Nine on a Dime. I would ask for your picture and a short description of yourself to be sent to me by email as well as the name of your blog and any links you would like included. I would send you my pay pal address and ask that you pay that way.

The pricing would be a one time fee of $5 through Paypal or a trade between us for you introducing my blog on your page. All you would have to do is send me some info on yourself likes and what your blog is about or you could even write the introduction yourself and attach a picture to your email.

There is an example below.

Jenifer enjoys growing organic tomatoes, organic children, and a sugar free husband. Her favorite color is green and she loves wearing long skirts. A lot of her time is spent on keeping house crafting and homeschooling her seven children. When she is not doing that she is playing the piano, working on the church bus, and serving with her husband in his Sunday school class for youth. You can find her sharing about family life at: 

If you are interested in this kind of advertising, please contact me at

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hubby Notes

Today, I got a little creative and wanted to share that with my readers. If you would like to get your free Hubby Note Clip art that you can cut out and use for your OWN Hubby, just subscribe on the side bar or let me know that you are a follower on google or google plus or even our facebook page in the comment section below. I just felt like a random act of kindness today. Let me know! Here is what they look like. There are 10 notes to a page that you can pin on, tape on, place on, or leave inside of something for your dear husbands.

Let me know how these work out our printer ink is non existent so I don't get to use them. Maybe soon we will have some again. If you have a few extra $'s to donate to my printer ink fund it cost $200 for the ink. For each family Friendly blogger I will display your blog button on my sidebar for a month when you donate. Interested ? Just email me at and let me know my paypal address.

Tip: Make your notes out in the morning before you do your Hubby chores so that you can add them to your Hubby chores like putting away hubby project that was left out. Suggestion- I put your _____ in the third drawer down. Love U.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

5 Simple Ways To Show Your Husband You Love Him

I've been hunting down and thinking up and praying for ways to impress upon my husband that I truly love him. It seems like our days can get so full of work and children and church duties that our relationship is put off or left out until later. I have decided that NOW is my later!

1. Write him notes on the things that you are called on to do for him.  Sometimes doing things for my husband gets to be a drudgery and the deceiver tells me that he should be able to do those things for himself. I think that is because he has done them  himself when I have been pregnant. But, now I have the opportunity to do them for him with joy. He does so much for us everyday by going off to work an hour away and waking up early to get there, and living on a small amount of sleep to make sure that everyone has their time with Dad. He deserves what I do for him and even if he didn't his position as Father and Husband should be honoured. Love notes and notes of appreciation make him feel valued and make doing the chores for him a lot more fun! I just cut up some colored paper and pin it to his ironed clothes and other things he wants me to have ready everyday.

2. If there is a little something that you find at the store that you think will surprise him and improve the quality of his day and its not too expensive then pick that up and bring it home. I did that the other day with shoe inner souls. He was so pleased with that gift and it made his feet feel better in his Sunday shoes.

3. Wake up early with him even if you have to go back to sleep. Husbands love to have a morning with hugs and kisses to start their day off right. It makes them feel on to of the world like a real king. Who knows you may inspire him to rise to his greatest potential at work and in the ministry both. Your love makes a difference!

4. Keep the dining table pretty as a picture. I'm writing this now in hopes of inspiring myself today to get this accomplished. I want to get the table done up for the season. A homey atmosphere can warm his heart and shield him from the cruel outside world. Our homes are to be a refuge. With me I am always struggling with keeping the house picked up so I will concentrate on this and maybe all of the other things will fall into place as well. I will try to keep you in the loop.
clean and clear with a little pretty on top 

I decided to decorate the fish tank table for the season because my roses are so pretty this time of  year

5. Keep your bed made and ready for the master of the house. My kids are always jumping into my bed for one reason or another and I will have to let them know that I want the bed beautiful for when Daddy comes home. I want to surprise him.

 How about you? What do you do to let your husband know that he is the king of the house and a very special person in your life and in your home? Please only respond with words you would let your young children hear. Some things ought not to be spoken of in public.

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