Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Up-cycled Quiet Books for my Twins

Today is a very special day in our home. Today Loty and Nora turn 4 years old. Their day bought the things on their list but I wanted to make them something special, just from Mom. I've been seeing a lot of quiet books in my craft ideas so I decided to make one or two. I'm going to add to them when I get a chance but for now I just have  the one page. It took me about 4 and a half hours to complete these two covers and two pages so I'm figuring about one to two hours per page depending on how involved you are going. These books would also be good for a baby gift, toddler gift, or educational purposes.

What you will need:

card stock
thicker card stock of cereal box front and back
odds and ends from your stash
hot glue gun /or needle and thread
buttons or beads if you want
Velcro (I used whatever I had on the throw out clothes)
helpers if you have them around

Card Stock

cereal box


gluing the material onto the cereal box for the cover
of the boy one

I am using zip ties right now for the binding.
I cut off the extra at the end and put a dab of hot glue on that
to keep it from scratching anyone. but you could use whatever you
want or even glue or sew them in by hand.

The outside of the girl one. I used an old t-shirt that we
didn't ever wear and a mini from another outfit.

Zoi helping me with the details. 

This is the inside of Loty's book. Zach drew the David for me
 and Zoi came up with the idea for what to put on the page.
Here are the smooth stones for Loty to button on to
the buttons. What I did was cut around the button wholes
that I had on an old boys church shirt and Zach colored them with
a brown marker.
This is the inside of Nora's book. sorry the pictures
 did something weird. Zoi drew the girl. We wanted the
girl to have decent underclothes so we drew them to her knees like the old days.
 She even has a crown if you can see it.
a little closer

This little pouch is on the back of the page for holding her

Here are some of her things.  I used some upholstery fabric for two
of the dresses. Then I used an old chip bag for the crown,
shoes and necklace. She even has a sash.

The outside of Loty's book (front).

outside (back)
You can make them with material or with felt but I decided to make mine with recycled materials from the things that we had to throw away or give away. I found that t-shirts work really well for the pages a lot like felt. It is going to be fun adding more as we go.

Page Ideas:

velcro shapes and colors
a barn with animals in it
pond with ducks
peas in a pod

Have you ever made a quiet book?
For instructions on: Making Paper Crowns 


Live and Learn said...

I made a quiet book years ago, but it was from a pattern. I love your book especially the queen's wardrobe.

Jenifer Harrod said...

Thanks L&L, it was a joy to make and to see them playing with.

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