Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Self Cleaning-Glass Jar Aquarium (Post A)

I have finally started working on my glass jar aquarium. I have made use of a pickle jar (half gallon) and I have also improved my children's other bowl aquariums for their rooms. Little by little we will get it all done so I thought that I would spread out the posts so you could watch with me what I am doing.
     First you need to find a 3pc DIAMOND HOLE SAW - CORE DRILL - Set - 1/4" + 5/16" + 3/8" at least that is what I bought from Amazon.com. I bought a set so that I could decide what size I wanted to use and I am glad that I did because the bowl tanks that we have also have air pumps in them and I can go back later and drill a smaller hole for the air hoses.

First find a jar that you want to reuse and make sure it was only used for food or another non-toxic item. Then remove any stickers from the outside of the jar and clean with rubbing alcohol to remove the glue.
Most of these pictures were taken in our bathroom sink but later we decided that the kitchen sink was better because you could more the faucet to where you needed it.

What you will need:

Jar or fish bowl
drill and diamond hole saw bit
filtered water
and tap water (for drilling)
safety glasses (when drilling)
rubber gloves (to guard against glass particles)
kitchen sink
hole to match your drill bit size (hose should be O.D. outside diameter measurements just ask your hardware store)
rocks or decorative tank jewels

Add a towel to the bottom of your sink or basin

Run water over into the sink to collect the small particles of glass that will fly .
(Loty's and Nora's hands inside and out)

We ended up pouring water over the hole (don't put water on the drill itself just the drill bit-it can kill you)  to get it to the right area.  Zeke was glad to help with that.

Tip your drill on its side and make a small dent and then drill straight down
applying a very small amount of pressure. Before long you will go all the way through your glass.
Yeah, our first hole. Lonnie did this one for me.

This is the hole that I made. I decided to fix the bowl fish tanks that my children have on their dressers.
There isn't any cracks at all. It just looks like it because there was a glare. 

Now all they have to do to clean their tanks is to pour filtered water from a cup into the top  and
wait for the dirty water to come out into a cup below. The water that comes out can be used to water your house plants.; its a great fertilizer

You want to put your hose in and secure it before adding your water.

The pickle jar so far.

We are planning on doing some more to the jars. We want to put elbow fittings into the tubes so that they are going straight down. I want to cut of the top of the pickle jars so that they look more like they are made for an aquarium. Then we want to put some smaller holes in the back of the bowl tanks so that the air hoses can be more hidden.

Here is the original version. Mine is more simplistic.

For the next post:

elbow fitting to math the O.D. of the hose
tubes to match the air hose
Drill bit to match the air hoses
Special tool to cut off the top of the pickle jar

Have you ever tried to do something Like this? If you try this please let me know.

For the plastic version of this project- DIY Self Cleaning Aquarium



fish tanks cleaning said...

Thanks jenifer for the very nice demonstration. I really like your work. It is really cute yet very fantastic. I really appreciate your work. Thanks for posting!

Jenifer Harrod said...

Thanks for the comment. I've really enjoyed this project. I still haven't found a good way to cut the top of the jar yet though. Time will tell.

Debra Kapellakis said...

I look and read and look and read and can't figure out how it works. lol

Jenifer Harrod said...

I have now updated the post with a video explanation. I hope this explains things. What happens is that you pour good water in so that it goes over the little tube area and starts to siphon from the bottom and out the tube so that you can get rid of the debri in the bottom. Whenever the water comes back down to the the tube area the water will quit coming out the side. You need to clean it often though. If you don't to clean it every day then you will have to put several jars of water through it to get it clean.

Cleaning service Sydney said...

It is a very nice article about self-cleaning.I want to try it.I have a question "What will happen if I use a toxic jar instead of non-toxic?"Cleaning service Sydney

Jenifer Harrod said...

Don't use a toxic container it will kill your fish.

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