Monday, September 10, 2012

School and Life All Mixed Together

Our schedule for school in the evenings is going pretty good and Daddy is working hard on his brilliant new chore chart system. I was so proud that he brain stormed, came up with this idea and started making it happen. Our house is slowly getting back to where it needs to be organizationally. The dogs are back outside except at night I finally got the shorter tie out for a large dog from Hannah was alright inside for a little bit and then she began to get stir crazy. Petmate 1700-Pound Break Strength Tieout Cable, 10-Feet

 I have now scheduled to have the boys spend 15 minutes each with Hannah playing with her. Then I have Zena love on Lyle the Kindly Dogling because she loves him the most. I have learned that we switch field trip days when we have a, Home School Library book club day, we do that once a month at the beginning of the month at 2pm in the afternoon. Therefore, we make up the school day on Friday and skip that weeks field trip. Things are poppin all around us. My dear husband was able to preach at church last night and I felt compelled to primp up the girls into little processes and a queen (Nora likes to be a queen NOT a princess) Here are the pictures I wanted to share with you.

Sleeping Princess Zoi 

Zena Princess

Almost done

My wonderful husband at work

Nora the Queen 
What about you? Have you settled on a workable schedule? If not, don't be afraid to try different ways of arranging your day. Ask God where and how and when things are to happen and He will guide you. If you need help from your husband ask God for that too! I did and look what God has given to me:) God is so good. Just try him. Maybe you don't have a husband to depend on. Here is a great article about Single Mom Homeschooling.   God knows who you are and He knows your heart to teach your children at home.  Reach out to God and He will show you the way!

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