Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The First Day of School


Yesterday was the first day of school. It went really well. I found out that we had everything that we needed for school right in our shelves not including our school supplies.  So we went out to get them as a family and that was a bit crazy but we survived that and Zoi was so excited I just had to start up school yesterday.  This year I have all text books and no computer except for the story time that I let the preschoolers watch on my computer for a short time. What that is is books being read on you tube where they can see the words. I have three different scheduled days in all. I switch off the days one and two and then our Fridays are all together different.

I have scheduled classes for the older children age 11 through 7 and then I have activities for the younger ones. They are doing focused art in the morning I have then doing a certain letter and in the evening they use glue and scissors and have a certain theme like bubbles. They are also having puzzle time where they get to do numbers and letters and shapes some of them are magnetic letters and numbers on metal cookie sheets.
We are also adding word and picture books today as well as flash cards.

The older children have scheduled subjects that I help them with

Day 1
Bible (they write and study 2 verses)
Free Art Time (planning time or cleaning time for Mom)
Mom reads aloud time

Language Arts
History Geography
Reading Aloud

Field Trip Anywhere
Arts and Crafts
Science Project or Experiment


Joy Thomas said...

great job jen! blessings on your school year!

Jenifer Harrod said...

Thanks Joy, we are doing our best but of course life keeps us always struggling to stay on top of things. Thanks for dropping by.

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