Monday, August 13, 2012

Providing a Home Schooling Environment

I have been seeking God as to how to accomplish what I need to accomplish in my home even though I get sick a lot and have low energy. I have really been searching my heart and trying to be honest with myself as to what CAN be done.

I know that we are not doing all that we could do and something a homeschooling mother said on a video the other day. She said that our job as parents is to remove distractions and provide learning tools and opportunities. The learning tools can be:

library books
text books
art supplies
table learning time as a family
reading aloud time
chore time
flash cards
learning games
learning trips
and learning groups with other homeschoolers. 

So, today I have pulled out the computers from their activity room and put them into the closet because they spend way too much time on them. They can be a help but at the same time they can inhibit learning and creativity and togetherness. Right now they are a temptation and a distraction. It's hard for me to keep them on school work when they get on the computer so for now they are on an extended computer vacation.
minus the computers 

My goals for this school year are for the children to:

learn more
for the kids to be more responsible
for the siblings to get along better 
for us to learn more about each other (mother and children and vice versa)

Next, I plan to come up with a plan on what to teach them as a family at the table. Stay tuned for that:)

What have you done to help your children choose the right path?

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