Thursday, July 26, 2012

Just Plain Nora Book Review

A few months ago I ran across a blog referring to a great new Christian book series for children and one of the books in the series was called Just Plain Nora. Right away I knew that we would be interested.  I have a little girl names Nora and she is always vying for my attention. I love trying to show her attention in good ways because I end up giving her too much negative attention. She is the worst wiggle worm but I am learning to deal with this in positive ways. I think that most of all she just likes to touch and hug and feel special like a princess.
This book by Jennifer Hutchins focuses on what it was like for a girl of around 10 to grow up in a frontier family and feel that she was considered ordinary and plain and even insignificant. The story was a joy to read with my older girl Zoi who is 8 and even my sons Zeke and Zeb appreciated the time spent reading this tale.
The author has a background in education/language development and has taught oral and written language since 1996 and home schools her two daughters. I love it when I can read something to my children that has their hearts in mind as home schoolers on this journey life.

To can find the book here,
Just Plain Nora
and on Kindle here,
Just Plain Nora

Do you like children's pioneer books like this? Have you ever read this book?

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