Thursday, June 7, 2012

Prayer for a K-9

I've been listening to the rain come down this morning and praying that my dog will be super natrally prodded to go into that thing that looks like an igloo and use it for shelter. So far the fartherst that she came was to go stand under some trees. I'm not totally sure why she does this. Its a bit of a mystery to me. Maybe she thinks that the dog house will snatch her like in all of those alien movies. The strange thing is that when we bring her in and try to put her in her kennel she goes in willingly but not so with the house. I said all of this to say: if you are a praying person please pray for my dog to get into some shelter. I hate that I can't go and get her right now. But it is pouring right now and that is a two person job in the rain and sometimes without the rain she is really hyper at times. Thanks!

Have you ever had a dog that wouldn't use her dog house?

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