Monday, June 18, 2012

How To Make Whey and Cream Cheese

I wanted to make a lot of lacto fermented foods and I found out that I needed a key ingredient, whey. I didn't have any and so I had to learn how to make some. As I was looking around trying to find a recipe I found out that I had already made some a long time ago when I made some cream cheese.

Whey Recipe:

clean kitchen towel
plain yogurt
rubber band
cabinet door with knob or without
bowel or wide mouthed jar etc.

Pour some plain yogurt into the center of  a clean kitchen towel and gather the corners together to form a bag. then you can rubber band them together and hang from a cabinet door. While this hangs it will drip out clear cloudy liquid that is called whey and can be used for many things. The remaining product in the towel is cream cheese.

We went a step a farther and made a plastic wrap tent around ours because there is a gnat population that likes to get started in our house at every opportunity.  We just took strips of plastic wrap and squeezed them together on the edges to keep the unwanted bugs out.

How about you? Have you ever made whey or cream cheese at home? Today several of my children learned from this process as well.

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