Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Grocery Run

I have been trying to come up with smart ways to get the grocery shopping done without having to take all of the seven kids into the grocery store. First I sent Zeke and Zoi into the grocery store for three things on their own. They did just "swimmingly." I love saying that. Then today I had another brain storm that I could send the two boys tot he grocery store (since they are 10  and 11) on their bikes and they could buy one or two things at a time until we can get them some baskets for their bikes. They took a plastic bag with a small zip lock full of ice and another one full of water to drink when they got hot and two straws. Then I had one of them take care of their bikes under a shade tree and while the other went in on his mission. Of course they had to do this more than one time and on the second run they took some of their own spending money and bought a candy bar. I was real proud of my boys today.

One day we will have to get some bike locks or something so they can both go in although they get into less trouble this way maybe we will keep it this way......hmmm.

How many of you with large families do this to save a little time, gas money and nerves?


Anonymous said...

If the children are mature enough and know not to talk to or go near a stranger's car and the bike ride isn't too awfully far... I would possibly consider it. Where we live though, we couldn't do this. We live 15 miles out in the country on top of a mountain. The nearest town is a good 20 - 25 minute drive. I wouldn't dare let them ride the bikes on the road going off either side of this mountain. Too dangerous. The main road we live off, people drive like a maniac on it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, grocery shopping with a large clan can be challenging! I'm thankful that we produce much of our food on our farm, and hubby doesn't mind stopping by the store for me. I love seeing how other large families do things. Blessings to you.

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