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Organizing the Children's Chores with Easy to follow Chore Charts

Yesterday, after much thought; I came to the conclusion that we needed to reward the children on a regular basis with a chore system.  Yes, we have tried many ways before but everything seemed either to wear off or fail miserably. Before today,  I had just been telling them to do each chore and staying on them until it was done sometimes giving them coins for motivation.  In the Duggars book, I learned a little about thier system. They have chore packs and have to do them with a buddy if they are small. They also have juridictions. Then they change those jurisdictions up every month. Jurisdictionas are just certain places in the home beside thier room that they had to work on.

From this concept I adapted my own system that I believe will work great for our "zildren." I took out 7 different colored folders and added some notebook paper (you could use a computer gererated paper I'm just out of ink right now -we forgot to put that into our budget) and I wrote out each chore that they were responsible for.Then to the side of each chore I wrote the days of the week so that they could mark off each chore. After that, I attatched a pencil to the folder with some yarn for marking. (I hot glued the yarn to the pencil and attatched it to the folder with a hole punch.)

Then on Friday like thier Daddy they could recieve thier reward. Each chore was worth 1 penny and that made it doable for our house. I also told them that if they did anything extra they could have 5 extra minutes on the computer after school and we made a place on thier chart for this as well.  So far many of the children are enjoying doing their chores this way and it has been a big help not to have to tell them over and over or discipline them negatively.

Below is and example of what it would look like:
Every day they would put a / over the day that they did their chore. For example for Friday there would be a F with a / over the top of it and so on.

                                                    CHILD's NAME

1. Make bed                                                                                            MTWTFSS
2.Dress your little brother                                                                       MTWTFSS

Also for chores only done once a week
3. Take out laundry in the kids bathroom                                                       [M]

Then the extra credit for computer time.
They would check each box.
Extra Credit                                                                                          [    ]  [   ]  [   ]

For the little ones I drew picture to help them know what their chore chart said. You could also do this by finding images from the internet or even take your own photos to make it more personal.

Make Your Bed

Put away your clean clothes

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