Monday, May 21, 2012

How to Listen to Good Christian Music At Home Without Paying a Lot

I know a lot of new Christians find it hard to invest in a whole lot of good Christian C.D's to listen to at home. So here is a solution that I have used for a while. (You could probably listen to your music on your smart phone too, I don't know my phones aren't too smart:)
Go to You Tube dot com and type in the songs or the groups that you like to hear and select add to below the viewing area and write in the name the group in the section where it says playlist. then every time you find a song by that group that you like just push add to and then select the group and it will add another song. At the end of all your adding just go up to the top where you are signed in and click on your name and then you can see all of your playlists. From there just select the one you want and it will play all of these songs until you turn it off.
adding songs
the playlist

How about you do you have any good Christian music on Playlists?

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Debra Kapellakis said...

Praise the Lord for such advice.

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