Monday, April 23, 2012

How To Make an Edible Chew Toy For Your Dog!

Hanah with her new chew toy!
Lately, we have had to start house training "Hanah the dog"  Hanah had our neighbors awake every night barking and we tried many methods of stopping her from barking. Then one night, my husband brought her in one night and after putting her in her kennel for the night, said that he really wanted her to be an inside dog anyway. He thought no more of it, but the following day I decided to make that a reality. I was so tired of her not getting the attention that she needed and I really wanted to make my husband happy, so I began finding ways to train her. To the internet I went and lookied up all kinds of training videos. I found those about training labrador retrievers the best to begin with. I took our lead chain and hooked her up to my old blinds bracket because it has a little hole that I could hook it right on and now she has an area in our living room that is hers to roam around in and train in without being near thing and people that she may nibble on or totally destroy. We can also remove distractions easily for training.  I always take her out in the mornings for a walk and then again after about 30 minutes. Then after every meal that we have she goes out as well. We have a special walking harness that we use called the Easy Walk harness that I just can't do without. There is a link at the bottom of the ppost about this.  Just remember to take it off of your dog when you are not walking your dog or the dog will likely chew it into bits. (personal experience) We have bought small treats for her to train with by the bucket. Now we have come to the problem of keeping her from chewing on our furniture and shoes when we are out of the room. Instead of buying an expensive set of chewtoys I decided to try to make our own version at home. I've already made some chew toys out of old pant legs where I tie them in a knot but this time I wanted something that was partially edible for when I am out of the room.  So here is what we have come up with.

First we got an old half gallon milk carton and added some peanut
butter to the mouth of the container she liked this for a little while but when she couldn't get to anymore pb
she quit and started eating on the couch again. So we decided to cut off the other end of the container and add some more peanut butter to the other end. that has worked for a little longer. Now I am on to making a different kind. to give her more variety.

Here is another toy that we are testing out!

More Later on all of the training toys we have made!

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Debra Kapellakis said...

Your puppy is adorable. Best wishes for continued success in trainging. It is worth the effort.

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