Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Organizing The Kitchen and Oobleck for the Zkids

Organization is key to cutting down the amount of work that needs to be ddone in your life! What I am saying is that, if you become less cluttered and more streamline it tends to make cleaning up more of a breeze. You will notice right away whenever somehting is out of place and be able to quickly remedy the situation. How have I done this in our less than large kitchen, you may ask? Here is what I have done so far.

Project Kitchen Makeover!


2 and 3

2 and 3

1. Designate a certain cabnet for a certain type of kitchen tool. By this I mean if you have plastic or rubber put that all into one spot. Before you just shove everything in make sure that you have gone through everything and weeded out things that don't have lids or that are not useful to you anymore and thrift or garage sale them. Keep a box or bag around for this purpose when you get ready to remake
your Kitchen space. If you want you could even label the frount of that cabinet with the designated term for those helping empty the dishwasher or putting away the dishes.

2. Next, put away all of the appliances that you can into cabinets. for me I had to be creative. I have little space so I used the bookcases that are on the other side of my cabinets toward our living room for this purpose.

3. Then, put away various and sundry items that really don't belong in the kitchen.

4. Go through your spices and pick out those that you have more than one of and combine to form one or just toss the old stuff out, its not as potent anyway. Odds are you don't use it much if you have a lot. Add some extra shelves if you need more space I added a couple of cooling racks that work like shleves.

5. A while back my husband made me some new shelves in my pantry to give it more room. Then I organized it all by item as much as possible then I also used one of my kitchen shelves for the bean.

There is still more to accomplish but it is so much better now!

Oobleck (from Dr. Suess)

Not the same as the cleanser:)

1 cup water
1 1/2 corn starch
(You can also add
food coloring
in a bowl)
This is a slime like mixture that is non-neutonian fluid called dilitant. When you punch it with your finger or hand it feels hard. You can play around with it for hours. It is both a solid and a liquid, a lot like quick sand.
Zach the Scientist

Nora and Zoi chiming in.

Zena joining the crew.

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Homemade Dog Treats

The other day I noticed that our dog, Hannah was having trouble digesting our new dog treats so I decided to make her some homemade ones to see how they treat her. She really loved them so I thought I would share the recipe with everyone.

Pumpkin Treats for Training

Preheat your oven to 350
Mix 5 cups of flour
1 cup canned pumpkin (I used some organic pumkin
1 cup peanut butter
4 tsp. cinnamin
2 tsp. baking powder
water as needed to form a thick dough

Form by teaspoons into balls and mash to flatten the thinner the crunchier Cook until browned. I flipped mine over and baked then again to get them evenly done.

 Play around with the recipe all you like. You can even cut out shapes. But if you are using them to help train your dog I suggest that you make very small treats I even broke mine apart after they were finished because it takes a whole lot of trainng for my dog. Let me know what you do with your recipe in the comments.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

How To Make an Edible Chew Toy For Your Dog!

Hanah with her new chew toy!
Lately, we have had to start house training "Hanah the dog"  Hanah had our neighbors awake every night barking and we tried many methods of stopping her from barking. Then one night, my husband brought her in one night and after putting her in her kennel for the night, said that he really wanted her to be an inside dog anyway. He thought no more of it, but the following day I decided to make that a reality. I was so tired of her not getting the attention that she needed and I really wanted to make my husband happy, so I began finding ways to train her. To the internet I went and lookied up all kinds of training videos. I found those about training labrador retrievers the best to begin with. I took our lead chain and hooked her up to my old blinds bracket because it has a little hole that I could hook it right on and now she has an area in our living room that is hers to roam around in and train in without being near thing and people that she may nibble on or totally destroy. We can also remove distractions easily for training.  I always take her out in the mornings for a walk and then again after about 30 minutes. Then after every meal that we have she goes out as well. We have a special walking harness that we use called the Easy Walk harness that I just can't do without. There is a link at the bottom of the ppost about this.  Just remember to take it off of your dog when you are not walking your dog or the dog will likely chew it into bits. (personal experience) We have bought small treats for her to train with by the bucket. Now we have come to the problem of keeping her from chewing on our furniture and shoes when we are out of the room. Instead of buying an expensive set of chewtoys I decided to try to make our own version at home. I've already made some chew toys out of old pant legs where I tie them in a knot but this time I wanted something that was partially edible for when I am out of the room.  So here is what we have come up with.

First we got an old half gallon milk carton and added some peanut
butter to the mouth of the container she liked this for a little while but when she couldn't get to anymore pb
she quit and started eating on the couch again. So we decided to cut off the other end of the container and add some more peanut butter to the other end. that has worked for a little longer. Now I am on to making a different kind. to give her more variety.

Here is another toy that we are testing out!

More Later on all of the training toys we have made!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The New Organizational Plan For the Children's Rooms

I have been cleaning house and reorganizing so that it is easier to keep things clean for all of us. The truth is, I just got really inspired by reading the Duggar's first book. close to the end of the book there was a section about how they organize their house and how it is that they keep it clean. I know that I have basically done all of these things before and tried to keep it clean and failed miserably but it seems like at this time in my life everything seemed to make more since and click. On top of all of that now O don't have any more little babies crawloing around and my twins are mostly potty trained. I would ask all of you who happen to land on this page and the frequent readers to pray for us to learn this new organized life adn be able to stick to it as closly as we can so that we can do more for Christ.


1.  First, I went through all of the boy's toys and only left out enough toys in a box that could easily be put away into that same box. I then sorted out the rest of the toys into those white kitchen trash bags so that I could label them with numbers. I then put those back into one side of the boys closet and ....
2.  Then I went through all of their clothes and did the same thing; putting the ones that they don't need right now labeled with the size and season and stored to the top shelf of the closet above the clothes rod.
3.  I then made a label with some card stock type paper and a marker for each section of our boy's closet that we were going to designate for each of our four boys. You could also print this our with the computer. Currently we are out of ink so I did what I could:)
4. Then I told the boys that whenever I designate a cleaning time,( which is usually in the mornings around our house) they are to first put away all of their toys out of sight into their toy box. They can not do any other cleaning until this is done because the toys in the room will call to them and ask them to play with them:) Then they are to proceed with thier other chores in the room which for them is taking out laundry and putting away thier boy's room laundry into their drawers and closets in the proper places, all of which are labeled.
5. The clothes are altered from the bags to the drawers by season and the toys are altered by the month for now.

I hope all of this is helpful to someone as it has been helpful to me. I am also planning on writing some ore of these posts about other areas of the home. Happy Homemaking!

the zboy's room

Monday, April 2, 2012

Jesus is Hope!

The Zkids are at it again! We are working up another special for church. I really love this song for them because it is a song that will stick with you and inspire you to keep going on for the Lord and to never give up.

Another thing that I love about learning Christian songs to sing is that whenever they are one day away from me and all grown up those songs will stay with them to help keep them on the right path just like a Bible verse. They have Bible in the songs and they have biblical principles that continue to speek to the heart throughout all of their days.

Here is the song from

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