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Fibromyalgia is a very common condition. I believe I have a little of it myself. It is a musculoskeletal disorder causing chronic muscle aches. Whenever I feel these flare ups I know that I haven't been eating enough greens. Because it is often hard to include enough greens in our diet, Natures Sunshine makes a supplement for us that will help, called Green Zone which you can get in a capsule or powder form.  Another thing that I have noticed that really helps is to do stretching exercises often. As I have mentioned in Exercising Your Allergies Awayexercising will get your lymph system moving and not stagnant and then the toxins that have build up and are causing you the pain can escape out of the body through elimination.
 My niece also suffers from this condition and often goes on long walks and takes her Omegas along with juicing frequently.  She has really suffered in the past and now that she is on a exercise and supplement program she is coping allot a lot better.
Many people with FM have been tested to find that they have become allergic to several things. Allergies are a sign of toxins in the liver. Not only have they tested positive for allergies but some have tested positive for parasites as well.
An all around good product to combat FM is our product called Fibralgia my mother has used this product and is has been a blessing. Another customer of mine has reported that her infammation has been greatly reduced with Nopal juice from the red fruit of the prickly pear cactus. I have even got them when they are ripe and juiced them and made jelly with them. They are very tasty as well.

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