Monday, February 27, 2012

Zeb's Birthday!

Zebedee is now 7 years old as of February 24. I have had the privilege of having him as my special birthday present for all of those seven years and I've got to say that no matter how many wonderful gifts that I recieve from people; having a Zebedee born on my birthday tops them all! Zebedee is one of the most generous children I have ever known. He loves to give whenever he has something that makes him happy to give. It just comes natural to him to share what he has with others and make them smile. I just love watching him do this and pray that he will always enjoy giving! Giving can be such a great reward in life. To see someone enjoy a gift can just give you such a great feeling of joy. Joy is the happiness that God gives because you are doing what he wants of you. It is also, the hope of a great future with Christ.  when you have this hope no matter what kind of bad day that you may be having you still have a joy that is unspeakable.

Here is what he got for his birthday, you can find these at

This video spy watch was from Mom and Dad (its real cool the boys keep finding more and more neat things you can do with it. It even has games, a flash light and a lie detector)

This cool flash light that changes colors from Mom and Dad

An art set from Nana

and a whole tin of gum from Granny
and some money from our dear friend at church

He was so happy and thankful. This was a great day!

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momto8 said...

I added my link. Hope you have a happy week!!

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