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Kidney Stones

 Do you suffer from kidney stones? Kidney stones are caused whenever you go through dehydration.  If you are in the habit of drinking a lot of soft drinks when you get thirsty, then you may be getting fluids but they are dehydrating you.  You really need to have 8 or more glasses of clean water a day. Anything else that you drink does not count for water. Water is water and nothing else will substitute.  When I say nothing I mean nothing like sports drinks or juice.  You can add a few things to your water like a pinch of sea salt or a squeeze of lemon or even a couple of teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, the apple cider vinegar that has the mother in it is very healthful and is even a little sweet.

Back to the problem. Kidney stones need to be addressed as soon as you notice that they are present. The minerals need to be dissolved and passed smoothly through. There are many natural methods for doing this and I thought that I would share a few of the ones that I have on file from Natures Sunshine.

1. A very natural approach that takes a bit of determination and some time at home. If you do not have some time to spend at home then you may want to keep reading further. This a method that was described by a fellow by the name of-Nathan Filyk. Here it is in his own words." For four days, eat nothing but fresh (preferably organic) apples. You need to wash them thoroughly before eating or else just peel them. Cut them up and eat, you won't feel hungry. Each night, take an herbal laxative tea, and on the third night, drink 1 cup extra virgin (preferably organic) cold-pressed olive oil, followed by three or four lemon's juice (have it all ready to go beforehand), and a sip of tomato juice to get rid of the taste. Then immediately lie down on your right side, with your knees towards your chest. (Or, if you can manage it, put a pillow or two under your right side and keep your legs straight. The point is to drain the gall bladder and liver of stones). Lie still for as long as possible, and stay on your side for at least five hours. Get some sleep. The next day, do a saltwater flush - (you need unrefined, uniodized sea salt) 4 cups - 1/2 teaspoon per cup. Drink one cup of saltwater, lie down on your right side for 2 minutes, drink the next cup, lie down on your right side for 2 minutes, and so on until you drink all 4 cups. Then resume activities. You can only do day 4 on an off day, because you will have diarrhea (water) coming out for the next 1-4 hours. You will also pass many stones if you followed the diet correctly. I've passed over 320 stones total in my 3 liver cleanse. Then just rest for the rest of the day, and see your results - mostly green, but some red, black, orange or clear colored stones ranging in size from sand-sized to as large as a golf ball! (Usually not that big) The entire process is painless. It's also a kidney cleanse, so you will have passed kidney stones in the first three days through your urine. You can read my weblog for the results of my cleanses. 

Also, continue doing the herbal tea nightly for a few days to get rid of excess toxins and help pass any remaining stones... -Nathan Filyk 

2. Another method a little less extensive was described by Georgiana. 
Kidney Stones Recipe 
Sure fired remedy: 
6 JP-X 4 times daily 
4 Hydrangea 6 times daily 
2 Marshmallow 6 times daily 
Drink lots of pure water with fresh lemon squeezed in it. 
You start getting some relief right away, takes about a week for the kidney soreness to go away. -Georgiana 

3. Next is another plan from Georgiana
Magnesium Complex and B-6 work just great. Take a multiple vitamin (Either Super Supplemental or Vita-Wave Liquid) or B-Complex with the B-6 to ensure not getting your B's out of balance. To contribute to the prevention, drink 1/2 gal - 1 gal water throughout the day and cutting out coffee and soft drinks, especially cola's. Fresh lemon in your water will help by dissolving crystals as they develop.

4. Lastly there is a juice that is reportedly great for Kidney Stones if you can come by it. This was from a testimonial by Carolyn.
I passed a large kidney stone with black cherry juice and ginger powder. There was almost no pain and only a tiny bit of blood. Dr. Hulda Clark presents this recipe in her book "A Cure for All Diseases". There is a third ingredient, I think it is hydrangea. I am going to do it again until they are all gone. - 

I hope that I have offered you some hope in passing those pesky stones without pain. Pray about what direction God would have you to go.  Its always good to bath a matter in prayer. Let me know how things go for you and if you try one of these programs please leave me a comment. If you don't want it published I won't just specify that in your comment.  

I no longer work with Natures Sunshine but their products are still great!

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