Friday, January 27, 2012

Kefir in Baking

I have been using Kefir in baking! Yes there are other ways to use Kefir and I really enjoy finding out all of its uses. So if you find yourself up to your ears in Kefir then you should try this. I usually measure out about a cup for all of my recipes. It helps make your breads light and fluffy.

Tip: Before you bake the kefir in your breads first use a dough cuter or blender to make the grains small.
Biscuits with kefir grains and a little kefir water yummola much like the biscuits at the fast food chicken places.
Pancakes or  Waffles with Kefir in them
Bread or muffins with Kefir
Casseroles- I tried this one day and no one even noticed it was there.  Meatloaf would work the same way.

I may have to try it in scrambled eggs next they need to be fluffy too. If you try any of these let me know how it works out for you and your family.

Food For Thought! It is theorized that since Kefir has to come from other Kefir and cannot be created on your own that maybe just maybe this was the manna in the old testament! This is so amazing just to imagine it could be true. Take a look into the scriptures today and re-read the story of the manna. It could be true! Scientist haven't figured it out so its very likely that God made it and that's why they can't duplicate it! Love it! Even if it's not the Manna of the old Testament God created it like he did the other foods that we enjoy and that's why it is so good for our health today!

  Below is some comparisons in photos:




Water Kefir

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