Monday, January 30, 2012

The Zkids are Singing for Jesus!

This Sunday we sang at church again! It was kind of scary because we were not as comfortable with this song as we were the last song that we sang. So we had the words in front of us on a music stand just in case. We really wanted to be a blessing to my Dad (their PaPa) because this is his favorite song.  Everyone sang out and sang good so I was happy and I knew that my Dad would be. Afterwards PaPa said that we needed to sing that song at every service. To be honest though I'm glad that song is finished now we have to start preparing the next one. I'm praying for a new electric piano for our living room. Please pray with me for that. It would be such a blessing on songs like this last one that are a little harder to follow with just the voice.

I Just Want to Thank You Lord is the song that we sang. Our version was a little faster and we did it acapella. Plus there were no loud cries in the back ground. Just some hardy Amens! PTL! (that would have been hard to sing through)

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My husband did buy me an electric piano and it has been a blessing! Thanks to the Lord who giveth every good and perfect gift!


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nettle for Allergies

To combat allergies we have given nettle tea to our young son.  He doesn't like swallowing pills but he takes well to teas. You can either purchase a herbal tea or buy the nettle in a capsule, open it up and put it into a tea bag that you can purchase from the grocery store or even a coffee filter with a rubber band on it. Then cook it like you usually do your other tea bags and the put a saucer on the top and let it sit for about 7 minutes to get the medicinal properties to infuse into the water. It is highly effective! Of course you can just swallow some capsules if you are older but it may take longer to work that way so you need to get into your system right away.

Great selection of bulk herbs, books, and remedies. Articles, Research Aids and much more.

Below is a cute video that I found on You Tube to demonstrate about Nettle.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Kefir in Baking

I have been using Kefir in baking! Yes there are other ways to use Kefir and I really enjoy finding out all of its uses. So if you find yourself up to your ears in Kefir then you should try this. I usually measure out about a cup for all of my recipes. It helps make your breads light and fluffy.

Tip: Before you bake the kefir in your breads first use a dough cuter or blender to make the grains small.
Biscuits with kefir grains and a little kefir water yummola much like the biscuits at the fast food chicken places.
Pancakes or  Waffles with Kefir in them
Bread or muffins with Kefir
Casseroles- I tried this one day and no one even noticed it was there.  Meatloaf would work the same way.

I may have to try it in scrambled eggs next they need to be fluffy too. If you try any of these let me know how it works out for you and your family.

Food For Thought! It is theorized that since Kefir has to come from other Kefir and cannot be created on your own that maybe just maybe this was the manna in the old testament! This is so amazing just to imagine it could be true. Take a look into the scriptures today and re-read the story of the manna. It could be true! Scientist haven't figured it out so its very likely that God made it and that's why they can't duplicate it! Love it! Even if it's not the Manna of the old Testament God created it like he did the other foods that we enjoy and that's why it is so good for our health today!

  Below is some comparisons in photos:




Water Kefir

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Teaching Responsibility - Video - No Greater Joy

I watched a movie about Teaching Responsibility  I liked  how Bro. Pearl taught on laziness and how to get rid of it.  He spoke about the difference between training a man and a boy!  The movie had lots of life examples, pictures and clips. If you are having a hard time with whining, complaining and boredom this is the two part video series for your family. It is helping the Zkids to be better workers. Try it and you'll see! Please leave a comment if you watch this video.

You can find this video and other quality videos at nogreaterjoy dot org

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Introduction to Allergies

Today I am starting a series of posts on allergies. Please join me for this exciting look into the why and how of allergies.

Natures Sunshine Boomerang
Air Purifier

Allergies stem from the liver and a liver cleanse should be part of your quarterly program for health. This means that every 4 months you should be starting a new container of  liver cleanse. When your liver is full of toxins its histamine reaction is on overdrive. Allergies are a  auto-immune response and strengthening your immune system can greatly alleviate or even stop your allergies. The spleen is also a big player in the immune system. Sluggish spleen can be aided with spleen activator thereby increasing the efficacy of your immune system. If you start abiding by some really good diet changes and an exersise regimen which we will be talking about in this series and then  you add some effective herbs for controlling your symptoms and alleviating your suffering you can see relief even lasting improvement that will call attention to the great physician and even our Savior, God and the creator of all natural healing! 

I don't currently sell the natures sunshine products but I still think that they are a great product.

Mrs. Jenifer Harrod

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Where the soul Never Dies

Where the Soul Never Dies is the song I'm trying to work up so that I can sing it for a special at church. I hope you like it.

The Hinkle Family is singing it here.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Help Cometh From the Lord!

I have been having a hard time with my health lately and just not having a lot of energy and being in a lot of pain and I have prayed for the right kind of help.  I can't afford to have someone payed come in and most people that would be able to come into my home would not understand my beliefs enough to encourage and abide by them while in my home. Both my parents and my DH's parents work and most people in the church work as well. I have been trying to keep the children on a chore schedule, homeschooling and working in the mornings on the house as much as possible but the Lord knew that I needed someone to come so he sent just the right person. She knows, understands and even shares most if not all of our families beliefs and she just loves our family and wants to be a blessing. I can't tell you how much she has blessed this lady and my family. There are not enough words to express how grateful I am to God for picking her out and sending her our way for such a time as this. I wanted all of our readers to meet her and her husband and see for yourself how wonderful they are and to keep them in your prayers because they face some mighty big physical battles of their own and need our prayers. Thank you for reading!
Josh and Amy's Story
 Amy has a  Facebook page where she take orders for her beautiful, handmade items. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Josh and Amy's Story

Josh is 27 years old and was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at age 3 when his brother, Jacob, was born. The doctors discovered immediately (after lung complications at birth) that Jacob had cystic fibrosis. When the doctors were explaining CF and its symptoms to Josh's parents, they realized Joshua showed the same signs. He was tested and they discovered he too had CF. Up until then, doctors believed he just had asthma. The average life expectancy of CF patients is about age 37… but it greatly depends on the severity of your case. Some people have very mild symptoms, others are affected more in the intestines and digestive tract, others the lungs and sinuses, etc. Jacob has CF and CF-related diabetes. When Josh was diagnosed, it was estimated he wouldn't live through age 7. By age 7 he wasn't likely to reach adolescence, by age 18 it was unlikely he'd be able to go to college, marry, or have a job. He's done all of those through the strength and purpose he finds in Christ Jesus (by His stripes we are healed). Many CFers opt to have lung transplants, but both Josh and his brother have chosen not to be on the list. Josh has to do daily lung treatments including taking inhaled antibiotics through a nebulizer, doing the Vest machine (he straps this on like a life-jacket. It pulsates air to vibrate his chest in order to break up the mucus in his lungs), and he takes multiple pills. He has trouble gaining/maintaining weight because of digestive problems. In order to absorb any nutrients from food, he has to take 9 pancreas pills with each meal and several with snacks. Joshua struggles to maintain lung health, but averages around 50% lung function. His lung function will decrease over time as mucus builds up throughout the body and inhibits the natural functions of the lungs, digestive tract, stomach, pancreas, sinuses, etc. CF does not only affect the lungs… the creation and spread of infectious mucus clogs and complicates numerous organs and pathways throughout the body. Joshua’s hospitalizations depend mostly upon his lung function. If its low or he feels out of breath and energy, his physicians will hospitalize him for a few weeks of 24/7 IV antibiotics and around-the-clock treatments. His hospitalizations usually last between 14-21 days at a time. For the first time in his life, this past year 2011 Joshua was hospitalized three times (each for over 14 days). He also had his 5th sinus surgery. Josh’s hospitalizations can be especially dangerous because he has numerous medication allergies including PENECILIN and all its relatives. This causes a problem when his two most dangerous lung infections (pseudomonas and aspergillus) are only successfully fought-against by antibiotics that Josh is allergic to. Josh’s doctors and care staff have finally gotten to the point where they are trying to desensitize him to these medicines during his hospitalization in order to use them to fight his infectious diseases.
We’ve had some close-calls and depressing moments with Josh’s health, but for the most part, he’s an active, normal, powerfully optimistic person whom you’d NEVER guess (and he’d most likely never tell you) has a terminal illness. We’ve come to realize and accept that Josh’s life may be short and we know it’s definitely precious. But my life, your life, all our lives could be shorter than we anticipate, hope, and plan. Any of us could “go” at any moment. The point is, GOD IS IN CONTROL. There’s nothing I can do to stop, postpone, or protest His perfect will… and in all honesty and truth, I WANT GOD IN CONTROL. The Lord knows I can’t handle all of life’s challenges on my own. And if everything went the way I planned, I’d be in utter ruin! Josh and I must submit to God’s will every day. Whether or not we’ll have children, build a home, grow old together… it’s all in God’s hands. We give it to God, we MUST give it to God, every day. Otherwise, we’ll fret and worry our life away and lose what precious time and memories we have with each other. Life’s too short to question “Why?” and “What if?” It’s a hard thing to grip when you’re thinking about, dreaming about, and planning the future… but it’s God’s will for us to bear this burden - and He never gives you more than what you can stand. There’s so much encouragement in that. I wouldn’t change one thing if I had a chance to do it all over. I’d marry Josh again in a heartbeat… and I’d say my vows “In sickness and in health” with just as much faith and love “until death do we part”, even if it parted us sooner than we’d like.
In our darkest moments, when our future seems so precarious and our present seems so hard… Josh always says with such enthusiasm and in earnest, “These are exciting times, Amy!”
That’s my husband…

- Amy Glasscock

Check out Amy's recipe of Santa Fe Soup.

Honey Lemon Cake or Birthday Cake


  • 1 1/2 cups flour
  • 2 and 1/8 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup plain whole-milk yogurt
  • 3/4 cup of honey
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 teaspoons grated lemon zest (or the zest of two lemons, that's the outside yellow part finely shredded)
  • 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup oil
  • 1/3 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice or from a bottle which ever you have (optional)
  • 2 tsp. apple cider vinegar
Mix dry ingredients then add the wet ingredients. Place into a oiled and floured bread loaf pan. 

You could also double it and use it for a Birthday cake mix with or without the lemon. 

Bake at 325 for about 45 to 55 minutes until the cake tests done with a fork or toothpick. (this means that the toothpick or fork comes out without batter on it- it can come out with dry crumbs) 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Corner Page Book Marks

I love folding paper. Today I made a paper snow flake and gave it to my Mom. she has it right here by the computer so she can look at it. We found this really cool way to make book marks that are origami. So the next time you are reading a great book and have to stop and do your chores or run to the store with your parents then you can mark your place with one of these cool book marks. Just go to Living and Learning and see how they are doing it. Let me know if you try it!

Corner Bookmarks
There is another blog that has a version of these same kind of book mark at Domestic Goddesque 

heart shaped bookmarks from envelopes

Please leave a comment if you try this!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Squirrel Revival

If your church has lost its get up and go then this squirrel will do the trick!

If your church is already on fire for God then this is a good laugh anyway!

Wheat Berries
Today I am linking to a great post by Prairie Homestead return to your roots she talks about sprouting your grains and how that sprouting can be even better than sourdough if you have all of the equipment. Which I don't although I do own a hand grinder. She also explains why they are good for your health. Its very interesting and I thought you might enjoy what she had to say as well. Here is her wonderful sprouted wheat berries. If you give this a try please comment and let me know. I've always wanted to try this. I love putting good healthy food into the children's bodies and my own its good preventative medicine. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Understanding Your Infants Cries!

1. Have you ever been frustrated that your baby is crying and you don't know what he/she wants?

2. Have you spent sleepless nights listening to the cries of your newborn?

3. Are you thinking there's got to be a way I can know exactly what my newborn wants when he cries?

Today I watched this really amazing video about a Mom who could understand just what her baby was wanting by listening to its cries and she can help you to do the same!

You can get her DVD on, the Name is under Dunstan Baby Language.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Kidney Stones

 Do you suffer from kidney stones? Kidney stones are caused whenever you go through dehydration.  If you are in the habit of drinking a lot of soft drinks when you get thirsty, then you may be getting fluids but they are dehydrating you.  You really need to have 8 or more glasses of clean water a day. Anything else that you drink does not count for water. Water is water and nothing else will substitute.  When I say nothing I mean nothing like sports drinks or juice.  You can add a few things to your water like a pinch of sea salt or a squeeze of lemon or even a couple of teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, the apple cider vinegar that has the mother in it is very healthful and is even a little sweet.

Back to the problem. Kidney stones need to be addressed as soon as you notice that they are present. The minerals need to be dissolved and passed smoothly through. There are many natural methods for doing this and I thought that I would share a few of the ones that I have on file from Natures Sunshine.

1. A very natural approach that takes a bit of determination and some time at home. If you do not have some time to spend at home then you may want to keep reading further. This a method that was described by a fellow by the name of-Nathan Filyk. Here it is in his own words." For four days, eat nothing but fresh (preferably organic) apples. You need to wash them thoroughly before eating or else just peel them. Cut them up and eat, you won't feel hungry. Each night, take an herbal laxative tea, and on the third night, drink 1 cup extra virgin (preferably organic) cold-pressed olive oil, followed by three or four lemon's juice (have it all ready to go beforehand), and a sip of tomato juice to get rid of the taste. Then immediately lie down on your right side, with your knees towards your chest. (Or, if you can manage it, put a pillow or two under your right side and keep your legs straight. The point is to drain the gall bladder and liver of stones). Lie still for as long as possible, and stay on your side for at least five hours. Get some sleep. The next day, do a saltwater flush - (you need unrefined, uniodized sea salt) 4 cups - 1/2 teaspoon per cup. Drink one cup of saltwater, lie down on your right side for 2 minutes, drink the next cup, lie down on your right side for 2 minutes, and so on until you drink all 4 cups. Then resume activities. You can only do day 4 on an off day, because you will have diarrhea (water) coming out for the next 1-4 hours. You will also pass many stones if you followed the diet correctly. I've passed over 320 stones total in my 3 liver cleanse. Then just rest for the rest of the day, and see your results - mostly green, but some red, black, orange or clear colored stones ranging in size from sand-sized to as large as a golf ball! (Usually not that big) The entire process is painless. It's also a kidney cleanse, so you will have passed kidney stones in the first three days through your urine. You can read my weblog for the results of my cleanses. 

Also, continue doing the herbal tea nightly for a few days to get rid of excess toxins and help pass any remaining stones... -Nathan Filyk 

2. Another method a little less extensive was described by Georgiana. 
Kidney Stones Recipe 
Sure fired remedy: 
6 JP-X 4 times daily 
4 Hydrangea 6 times daily 
2 Marshmallow 6 times daily 
Drink lots of pure water with fresh lemon squeezed in it. 
You start getting some relief right away, takes about a week for the kidney soreness to go away. -Georgiana 

3. Next is another plan from Georgiana
Magnesium Complex and B-6 work just great. Take a multiple vitamin (Either Super Supplemental or Vita-Wave Liquid) or B-Complex with the B-6 to ensure not getting your B's out of balance. To contribute to the prevention, drink 1/2 gal - 1 gal water throughout the day and cutting out coffee and soft drinks, especially cola's. Fresh lemon in your water will help by dissolving crystals as they develop.

4. Lastly there is a juice that is reportedly great for Kidney Stones if you can come by it. This was from a testimonial by Carolyn.
I passed a large kidney stone with black cherry juice and ginger powder. There was almost no pain and only a tiny bit of blood. Dr. Hulda Clark presents this recipe in her book "A Cure for All Diseases". There is a third ingredient, I think it is hydrangea. I am going to do it again until they are all gone. - 

I hope that I have offered you some hope in passing those pesky stones without pain. Pray about what direction God would have you to go.  Its always good to bath a matter in prayer. Let me know how things go for you and if you try one of these programs please leave me a comment. If you don't want it published I won't just specify that in your comment.  

I no longer work with Natures Sunshine but their products are still great!

Friday, January 6, 2012

I am So Blessed!

Here are some songs that my family likes to sing. We really like the Rochester children singers. We also sing some other songs and I will share them with you later.  Let me know what you think! Maybe one day we will record our songs as well. If we do I will share them with you.

Time Savers!

Sometimes I just don't have the time to spend hours preparing breakfast. I know you don't believe that about me, but it is true. There is just so much house work school work and computer work to get done that I have to come up with something to make it all balance better. So the other day when I made some of my spiced oatmeal I made a whole "boat load" and now all I have to do is "nuke" each child's portion when they wake up.

 I really don't do this often but I have been having a lot things to catch up on since my energy has been low and my husband has been sick with a sinus infection as well. My prime time is in the morning because I just run out of steam after that and I have to do work that doesn't require a lot of energy. Oatmeal is healthy and quick meals don't have to be nutrition free.

 Other quick meals to get you off to a good start are homemade granolabiscuits and pancakes.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pigs Make Me Sneeze!


Today we went to the home school book review club at the library and the kids checked out some books to take home. Zeb asked me to read his book to him and it was so cute I had to share it with you.  Ze ems to always pick this author and he loves to read it over and over again!

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Great Christian Dolls

Priscilla Mullins Doll Dress, Cap, and Apron
Vision Forum
Priscilla Mullins Book and Doll Dress
Vision Forum
Product image
The Jubilee Doll
from Vision Forum
I really like this doll from Vision Forum! It looks so pretty with the red dress from the Priscilla story and dress collection. If I had this doll I would keep it forever and play with it a lot! I like the hair, skin, the eyes and the clothes. I think this is a good choice for a Christian girl because she is modestly dressed and has a sweet and delicate spirit about her. If you decide to get one of these lovely dolls please write me a comment so I can see which one you liked the best. 


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Monday, January 2, 2012

It is your life: Movie Review

Moore Family Films presents.......................It Is Your Life the Moss Family!

It Is Your Life: The Moss Family from Moore Family Films on Vimeo.
Family Vision Films

The Moss family examines: why Mrs. Moss stays home with the children
                                          how Mr. Moss leads in family worship
                                          why they continue to have children even after 6 c-sections
                                          how they deal with trials in a large family
                                          how the brothers and sisters can live harmoniously
My favorite part was when they discussed the reason why they still had children even though they had gone through several c-sections.

Zeke Harrod
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Back to School!

the Zkids are back to school today! Home school that is. We are rearranging our home school to fit around our schedule and not the other way around. Its been a challenge to figure out what works the best for our zildren but God is helping us to develop a Christ centered education that will bring glory to the Father. We are starting off in the mornings with 5 chapters of the Bible read to them and their blue section of word flashcards for the younger bunch. Then the older 5 will get out their spiral notebooks for Bible verse writing and work on their verse of the day which is on the these of the month. Our theme this month is Authority! So all of the verses will be about authority. They will write the verse or their part of the verse, depending on their age. Then they have to draw a picture depicting what they think of when they read the verse. They had a real good time. Mean while their twin brother and sister are on the computer learning their ABC's and 123's on  At lunch we will work on math at the lunch table. WE will go over tables and different manipulatives so they can see the equations and later we will be adding math spiral notebooks to write these things in and make them fun.  At supper we will all say our passage of scripture that we are memorizing with Dad John 1:1-14.  In between there will be awards for doing their chores. We will be giving them time on Free Homeschooling websites.

We will be using a combination of lap booking and spiral note-booking this year. You can find a link about lap-booking on the Feeding Nine on a Dime website under Free Homeschooling as well.  I will try to take pictures and ask my DH to help me down load them for you on here so you can understand what we are doing better. I hope this sparks you creativity! You can make lap-books even if you are not a home schooler. It just a fun way to learn and express yourself.  Below are a few examples of the different kinds of lap books that can be added to any notebook.
flapbook    Circle Book

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