Friday, December 30, 2011

Microwave Tea Jelly

The other day I tried an experiment to see if microwave jelly would work and yeah it did! Its not totally done in the microwave but the water is heated in the microwave. You can use the microwave but its better to only use a small amount of water. Dr. Weil explains in his article, Nuking your nutrients? that less water is better.

* In a coffee cup heat up the water you are planning to make your tea in and then add two tea bags and cover with a saucer for steeping.
* Next heat up a clean, quart, glass, canning jar half full with water and place it in the microwave and heat for whatever your boiling time is. (I have a tea button on mine that works well for this)
* Then remove with a hot pad and stir in your pectin, sweetener and flavoring.
* Add to your quart jar the tea that you have made and stir very well.
* Cover your jelly with a lid and  refrigerate until set. Now you will have to eat it up within a week or so. I would suggest smelling it before eating it to be safe.

If you try this please let me know what flavors you try.

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