Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Homemade Christmas Gifts for the Siblings

The Zkids have tried to make other Christmas gifts but I think we have finally found the right fit for our family.  We have decided to make paper toys for the siblings and we have found a whole web site full of them! Maybe you would like to join us. If you do decide to make some for your siblings (brothers and sisters) please comment below and let us know about it. All you have to do it print out the pdf and fold, cut and glue it to make the gift.

Click on the Head to see the page!
Merry Christmas!

Day 2: Advent Trinity Biscuits

This morning I wanted a little something extra in my biscuits that was sweet because we don't have a lot of money for sweeteners so I decided to go with the can of carrots that we had in the pantry. Then I wanted to put a Christmas theme to it or at least a theme that was godly so this is what I came up with: the trinity, the three king makers, the three wise men, the three gifts, etc.  If you think of something else please drop me a comment. Enjoy!


Mix up about three to four recipes of your favorite biscuit recipe or the one on the can that's what I do. Then I added a little Christmas spirit to them honey (one big squirt), cinnamon and a tsp of vanilla. After you make them into the biscuit shape at a tiny dollop of honey on the top and add three carrots. Bake the biscuits and serve with honey or honey and butter.

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