Thursday, December 8, 2011

3 Reasons Why: Church is not a game!

Hi, today I would like to show you why it is not good to play around in church.

#1. Why do you go to church?  the reason why you go to church should be because you want to learn about God, not to play around with your buddies. You can do that after church.
#2. We should be serious about church.  Why do we have to be serious you may ask me, because people get saved in church and you might get saved in church if you haven't already.
#3. Do you ever pay attention to the preacher's sermon? Well, you might get a message from it-but if you are playing around with your friends, texting your friends, or taking a nap then you will miss what God has to say to you personally. This is why we should be serious in church.

Clams of Speech #6

The guard at the lava river was a sea horse minitar. The minitar's name was Randolph. When the clams arrived the minitar stood motionless with a stiff face. It almost looked like he was a statute until he told them the riddle. Q: "What is black and white and has a curly tale?" The clams put their clam heads together and conferred about the answer; clams don't really have much of a head though. They were stumped. They couldn't come up with an answer no matter how hard they tried. Suddenly a sting ray swam by and answered the riddle A: " a sea zebra"  General crab and his gang scudded across the lava river and approached the giant crab.  The crab still thought they were confused because he thought they were just coming back for directions but soon he found out that they were not foiled anymore and they would not fall for any of his shenanigans anymore. They captured the crab and the General threatened to put him in sea prison if he did not tell them where the oyster was.

to be continued........                          

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