Monday, November 28, 2011

Picky Eaters

The other day I read an article about picky eaters and it mentioned that you could provide shaped food or shaped dishes for their food to be displayed in to encourage children to eat more. Then the other day our dear neighbor was giving away some of her dishes and things from her garage sale leftovers and I found a heart shaped pottery bowl with a little blue on it. After I brought it back home and washed it I know what I should use it for. We have now used it a couple of times and it has made him feel like his food is somehow transformed into edible. I hope it continues.

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Monday's Kids Linky Party

This is a place where you can come to party. If you are not here to party that is fine just take a look around at ll the tabs and check out the other posts. God Bless and thanks for stopping by!
Here is a post I read that resembles what we are trying to accomplish here at the Harrod House. We really like to have people over and minister to them the love of God but first we have to learn to be more responsible with our things and help around the house. You can click through the welcome mat to see what Jacinda has to say.

Dress-up Snowman

This weekend was fun. The z-kids got to spend Thanksgiving with their cousins that they hardly ever see. They played games, pet horses, swung in a tree swing, rode a 4 wheeler and ate some turkey. They visited with the Grandparents and ate fruit salad till it disappeared. That was one perfect day for them.
Then the next day they spent a lot of time outside with their Dad playing and watching him get a dog house started. We now have a long run that she can run on and stay outside when it is not too cold. Today it is pretty cold and the dog house isn't finished so I will have to take her out and in.
Now onto the Snowman. Snowmen are sparse in these parts and me and Zoi ( decided to make one and then we got the idea that if we laminated the snowman onto a construction paper then we could add clothes and hats and even change the snow man from a boy to a girl with hair and accessories. It was a hit and she just loved her new toy. She took it with her on a trip to minister to the nursing home in the next town over and had so much fun.
If you try this let me know. I would let you see but I still have problems uploading pictures on my own. Maybe one day I will sit down and learn it. Blessings!

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