Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Over and Over

Repetition is a teacher! Working together is a good teacher for the little ones along with a new vacuum teaches Responsibility!

Whenever one of the older children go off and play instead of heading to their assigned chore they have to do extra chores to learn responsibility.

Whenever the little ones don't do their chores then I try to take the time to do a chore with them so that they will enjoy doing the chore.

Then there is the vacuum we found on our walk last night. We brought it home and plugged it in. I found out that as I thought there was just a hose clog. I removed the clog with an old plastic hanger that broke and poof it was like new. It is a smaller vacuum and that made it easier for my little boy to do his chore of cleaning the living room. Praise the Lord for unexpected gifts!

Apple Cider Jelly

I found this idea off of the internet but of course I had to revamp it for my frugal healthy life-style. By the way you can do this will any 100% juice that has a lot of sweetness. I like to make my own jellies because most jellies come with either sugar or sugar substitute and both are bad for you unless the sugar substitute is natural. This way I know what's going into it and it taste real good. If you choose a tarter juice add about a half cup of honey into the mix.

Take a quart jar
Pour enough juice into your jar to fill to the line
Pour the juice into a sauce pan and turn to high until it starts bubbling
Add cider spices like cloves-nutmeg-cinnamon or even pumpkin seasoning
Add two tablespoons of low sweetener Real Fruit Pectin
Turn heat to medium and stir for 5 minutes
Pour back into jar and refrigerate.
This is not preserved so eat this up within a week or so.

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