Friday, November 4, 2011

Fried Ramen

Today for lunch I was teaching my young "chef in the making" how to make fried Ramen. So I thoughtI would share it with you. The taste is a little stronger than regular ramen.

Soak about 10 packages of Ramen in a large bowl for 5 minutes Strain the water out and drop some the noodles into a large fry pan with oil or butter covering the bottom. WE used the butter we had left over from breakfast. Stir those around until for about a minute on medium high heat and take them out. Put them into another large bowl and continue cooking until you are finished with of the noodles. Then you can either add a little water and the seasoning or just the seasoning and stir.
Another variation is to fry them until they are brown in chunks for a crunchy snack. Enjoy.

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