Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Good and Evil

I have this book and I think that it is a good book to read. It is a comic Bible with great pictures and stories to make the Bible come alive to people and present a clear gospel message. I hope this book will be a blessing to your life. If you are having trouble getting someone to listen to you about Christ then this may be the way in. This was originally made to bring the gospel to foreign nations.

These are the coloring books:

Zena's Birthday!

5 years ago today Zena (pronouced with an ny sound) was born.  Her birth was outstanding or maybe sitting in this case. I entered the hospital with contractions and the nurse checked me and told me that I had to wait an hour until I could come back and only if the contractions were close together. So I decided to go walk but as soon as I got up I began to feel a very strong contraction and I knew that it would only be 30 minutes until that baby was born. We told the people in the office and they told me I had to have these close contractions for 1 hour before I could come back. So we decided to go down to my doctor's office since they wouldn't take me back at the desk. WE got back to the doctor's office and I was dying in pain about then, screaming my head off and bending with each contraction, but it was to no avail. At the doctor's office my doctor wasn't in so the other doctor came out and tried to sooth my Mom and Husband by telling them basically that it was going to be alright and in an hour they could take me back up. Mean while I was screaming in pain and that baby was coming! I was in the hall (I should have made my husband take me in the waiting room) I couldn't make it into the waiting room because I was in so much pain. The little old ladies down the hall in the office area heard me and came out to the rescue they waited as long as they could and finally listened to us and go a wheel chair and took me to the elevator which was a long ways away down a LONG hall. I souldn't even sit down so they brought me a pillow ans off we went. We made it into the elevator and then a wonderful scarry thing happened......I told my husband Lonnie this baby is coming NOW! I lifted myself up off the chair a but and VOILA Zena was born! Right into her Daddy's arms. Then the elevator doors opened to the baby floor and my huband said, REAL LOUD and CLEAR, BABY's HERE!!! I was so upset and tired and embarred that I was a mess and everyone was looking from everywhere! But I was also very happy at the same time that my little girl Zena was born and seemed to be healthy although Doctor Lonnie had to take the umbilical cord off her neck when she was born. What a day and I waen't through with all of the drama yet. Right after that they took me to a room FINALLY and then I started hemoraging. I lost a lot of blood and the doctor on duty that wouldn't let me go up was soooo sweet to come by and keep me from dying. WEll that being told I'm glad its over and I can enjoy a beautiful 5 year old girl named ZENA pronouced like the flower zinnia.
I Love You Zena!

Zena is a very sweet girl. She loves spending time with her Mom drawing pictures and giving them to me.  She also likes to make things pretty with blankets. Her art is very colorful and her face lights up a room when she smiles. Zena enjoys brushing her hair and making up her own styles. She enjoys a good baby doll and loves to play with her brothers and sisters. Her favorite color is pink and she thinks her Daddy is silly and crazy. I will always treasure my special gift from that really bad day! She was worth it all!


My mother has suffered from migraines for a long time. Now one of my best friends is also suffering from migraines. I have been looking into her case for her and I thought I would take you along with me for the ride. I know there are many of my friend who also have this problem and I would like to help as many as I can.
First of all you have to be aware of what exactly is going on with your body. You can't just say I have migraines and fix me. Knowing your body in the first step to combating illness of any kind. You need to know when you are having these migraines and what may be triggering them. From here you can make a plan of attack.

Migraine Triggers:

  • lack of sleep or too much sleep
  • stress induced, anxiety or even relaxing after stress
  • bright lights
  • weather induced
  • too much caffeine or a withdrawal symptom of coming off of caffeine
  • foods that contain nitrates or foods with MSG
  • food allergies (chocolate is one that causes problems for many but there are others check with your health care provider and watch your diet)
  • aspartame a ingredient in many diet sodas and chewing gums and even sugar free candies)
  • too much white sugar or your blood sugar being out of sink 
  • hormonal periods
  • perfume smells etc.
    If you are experiencing a lack of sleep and you can't do much about it because you are a busy mother and wife then you need to take extra nutrients to support your body.

    Adrenal support - will help nourish your adrenal glands during this season in your life.

    Adrenal Support is also great for supporting your body during stressful periods.

    Perfect Eyes- sometimes age can effect how much the eyes can handle

    Fever Few- my Mom had good success with this herb with her weather induced headaches. Its also good for any kind of Migraine.

    Xylitol- natural sweetener or any other Natural sweetener like Stevia which is an herb

    Calcium-Magnesium- great for migraines

    Peppermint Tea- I've used 3 tea bags with great success with stress headaches

    Essential Oils- Peppermint, lavender, and marjoram rub on your wrists and inhale in stressful moments.

    Raspberry Capsules or tea from  the Bulk Herb Store or other quality stores.

    Breath Free-a oil combo from natures sunshine can be rubbed on the neck and back of the shoulders for smell induced and any kind of headache.

    Let me know if you need more help. I do not sell the natures sunshine products anymore but they are still a high quality product. A lot of information can be found via the internet and pinterest. If you want my certified herbalist opinion then drop me a line and let me know. My email consultation fee is $10 if I can not help you there is no fee.

    Jenifer Harrod

        Certified Herbalist


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