Saturday, October 22, 2011

Caught in Action

                                                              Learning Responsibility!

                                                       Here is Zeke working hard on the dishes.

                                                                  Zach caught in Action


                                                                   Hard at it:)

                                            Zena still in her P.J's cleaning up after breakfast!

                                                    Zeb picking up the living room!


                                                                   Nora picking up.
                                                             Riding off into the sunset:)
                                                                   caught in the act!

                                            I'll come do it at your house for a price:)
                                                 Zach found a spoon in the washer, treasure!

The Neros

The Neros live in the jungle of Keros. The Neros eat the fruit of the Zeros. One day the Neros had Zero Keros. That was no good for a Nero.
 A man named Zandy who was Handy with Keros. He invited the Neros to see him use his Kero planting contraption. It worked just great.
The neros ate till they were full and they each gave him one dollar bill.

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