Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Zkids Learning Responsibility!

This month the SUPER  ZKIDS have been at it again,  learning the value of a job well done, getting things done on time, and doing them with a smile.  All of these things constitute RESPONSIBILITY. They are learning to be responsible for their own actions. Our new Chore schedule is really doing the job and so are the ZKIDS. I am so proud of my super ZKIDS!  I'm also very happy that their Dad is on board with this new change as well. I have been sick this week so this has been a real blessing for MOM.

One on My Favorite Songs

Blessed Redeemer

Poetry for Kids Funny Poems for Children by Poet Kenn Nesbitt

I found a great kids poetry site . Try it out and see which poem you like. Come back here and comment to tell me which on you liked.
Just Click on the link below! Have fun!

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