Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Christian Movie Review-Tuesday

Today I picked the movie Johnny to tell you about. The other day for Family Movie Night we watched a really good movie.  Its about a kid that has cancer and finally figures out his special mission on earth!

This is a heart stirring tale you might need a tissue but that's o.k. sometimes crying is alright if you have a good reason. It has good Christian, family values that you don't always see in a "Christian" film.

Watch out for purple cows in this movie!

4 Frugal Substitutions for Milk in Baking!

Have you been perplexed with how to save in your cooking when you have to use milk in every other recipe and your children want to drink up all of your milk and then you don't have any to use? Well, I have been there and milk isn't cheap. I know that many people just can't live without their milk but I am not one of them because I can't drink very much milk without having stomach issues. I have a milk protein intolerance. In fact it has been argues that children do not need milk from a cow at all because it is hard on digestion and causes all kinds of health issues.

Here are the four different substitutions that I use in place of milk:

1. water at what ever temperature your recipe calls for. (I leave it cold for baking powder biscuits and warm for yeast rolls)
2. water and vinegar or water and lemon (for buttermilk) or even water and orange juice
3. water and yogurt 
4. oat milk 

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