Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cancer Fighters

When fighting cancer it is very important to activate your immune system to work super hard for you.  You want every cell to be working on the problem and keeping other invaders at bay. You also want to have the energy that you need to stay strong physically and spiritually and emotionally-the whole body approach. Whole body is very important because if you get down then that's all it takes to defeat your system.  You have to be very aggressive with your approach and not let down. Put yourself on a good macrobiotic diet, drink lots of water and sea salt not white table salt to increase your minerals. Below I will list the supplements that are really helping those with cancer but only God can heal a person with cancer whether they use supplements or whether they go the conventional way or a combination of supplements and conventional medicine.

Each of these supplements are linked so you can just roll your mouse over the Supplement and click and it will take you directly to the page and its information.
Immune system Stimulator- with Colostrum and several mushrooms know to fight cancer
Colostrum with Immune Factors- also has Astrgalus, IP-6 and two cancer fighting mushrooms
Indole 3 Carbinole- from broccoli
Vitamin E Complete with Selenium
Spirulina- good for energy containing natural B-12
Super Supplemental- good for its daily nutrients and lycopene contents.
If you find you need even more energy you can add more Cordyceps mushroom with the Spirulina or instead of.

(my Uncle took a program similar to this with great success)

Contact me with the type of Cancer that you are fighting and I will post about that specific type of cancer as soon as I can.

 These herbal formulas can be found at, Natures Sunshine.

Jenifer Harrod
Certified Herbalist


Today the zkids blog is bought to you by Zebedee Harrod. Zebedee s 6 years old and a compassionate boy who loves the Lord. 
Super Zeb

Today I was wondering if monkeys really ate bananas out in the jungle.  I got on the internet with my Mom and we found out that they really do eat bananas and some other things too; like other fruits nuts, leaves, seeds and bugs.  The monkey peels the bananas before he eats it just like I do.  I don't like to eat the peeling and neither does the monkey. I think that I would like to be a monkey because they eat bananas, fruit and nuts but I don't want to eat bugs, bluck!

Here is a bunch of monkey coloring pages to color.

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