Sunday, October 2, 2011

Help for Autism!

Autism can be helped with diet and with specialized programs.  You can bring your child out into your world with aggressive intervention by means of diet and a program that will be fun for both you and your child. I chose this subject because it is close to my heart and to the heart of one of my dear friends. She asked me to gather up all of the information that I had on supplements and I did that plus I put together more of a whole body approach that includes a type of one on one therapy that everyone can get into.

First of all I found a great diet that is specially formulated for people with gastro intestinal problems as many Autistic children do. This is what one author had to say:

There are not a lot of supplements that are right for Autistic children that are still suffering from intestinal problems because they have ingredients that could upset an already upset stomach. Omega 3's from fresh water fish is good for the mental development. A good vitamin that is appropriate for Autistic children, and anti fungals like Grape seed extract, garlic, oil of oregano (OoO), Olive leaf extract (OLE), and caprylic acid are the supplements that are safely recommended but only after you have been on the specialized diet for a couple of months.

 The major difference you are going to see is through  a diet that excludes regular cows milk from the store, table sugar, honey, and artificial sweeteners, (or double sugars) rice and grains is where many people have started to see a real improvement in their children. This diet is called Specific Carbohydrate Diet or SCD I've been looking around a great website that explains a lot of this diet what you can and can't have in an easy to follow list and recipes as well as a great book and a great video you can watch right there on the dot com.

The author likes to share about her own journey and how she has been helped as well as seen in this video.
I also wanted to share a testimonial of a parent that tried this diet.

I think that this program can really make a difference in a child with Autism because it removes every possible aggressive food from the diet and leaves only those foods that will digest easily.

The Son-Rise Program on the other hand has also shown a lot of promise for autistic children and is a program that delves into the world of the Autistic child to learn about their world and to engage them where they are and then they feel like you are their friend and they are able to embrace your world step by step.

Where to start:
Step one
Starting point

I pray that your journey is a successful one. If you have tried this method or any similar one with good results let us know in the comments.

In Christ's Service
Jenifer Harrod
Certified Herbalist

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