Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Rubber Band Trick

rubberband water glasses
Whole New Mom
Many times at our house in the past we have had a hard time identifying our water glasses and have cup up short on glasses. We would always be washing glasses through out the day and it would be a real nuisance to go to the shelf and not found a thing. Then I came across a great blog post about this very subject and the writer had great advise about how to remedy this situation. Just save use a different colored rubber band for each cup. I didn't have all of these rubber bands so I have used hair bands and today my DS decided to share his silly bands and we would have a day of silly bands for their glasses. I was really sweet of him and we all had cute characters on our drinks and it made the day more fun! I hope this is a help to you as well. Don't forget to check out the other post by clicking through the picture. She has some great information on her sight about health and energy as well.

Mrs. Harrod

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