Thursday, December 1, 2011

Memory Verses

My DH has started guiding the children in more memorization as a resolve. His best friend works at a home for wayward teens and they are learning large portions of scripture.  This inspired my beloved to step up the pace around here and the Z's are taking to it like a duck to water. They love impressing their parents with what they have learned and it makes me so happy to hear the word of God coming from their little mouths. Its so amazing to see what they can do.
Start out simple and build up or let them decide to do more. Sometimes they will if they are competitive.  Give the littlest ones a few phrases at a time to repeat. If you are really creative you can put some verses to song. Let me know if you decide to implement memory verses. Learning the Bible can also make the children smarter in their other academics. Learning fosters more learning. Why not learn the written word of God that has the power to bring a person to salvation? It will not return void and when they are old they will remember what has been taught to them. These are some of the promises we can surely count on in these uncertain times.

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