Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Lady Bug Spies

There were these two Lady Bug Spies. They were going to the glass building where the evil genius put the robot. He put the robots in the glass building and the robots looked like Lady Bugs. Then the two Lady Bug Spies were so confused because they didn't know who was who so they put their name tags inside their hats. The evil genius came with a frightening trap.  A huge Lady Bug came with a little cage built for a lady bug with fine netting on it made out of strong material. Then one lady bug had an idea! The Lady Bug Spy, Larry, grabbed his hat and took out a laser and cut a hole into the super strong fibers and then Jenny and Larry were free! They were dancing with the robots and Jenny took out her handy dandy hammer and broke the robots into pieces and saved the day. There was only one thing missing the two secret containers. Oops I guess that was two things missing.

to be continued....................................

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