Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Immune Boosters!

My friend has picked up a bug and I wanted to give her a page of references to help. It seems like I am always giving out this information and I wanted to have it all in one place so that I could pass it out better. If your bug is nosy  or maybe your stomach is in knots, (By the way what vegetable can tie your stomach in knots? String beans :) Then maybe this post will be a blessing to you in some way. I hope the little joke cheered you a bit a good spirit is definitely part of a speedy recovery.

#1. Garlic! is a great aid in getting you through any kind of virus or bacteria.  If you are interested in
Garlic for Your Health
 and garlic oil is more about what you can do with fresh garlic.

#2. Vitamin C if you haven't heard already builds your immune system. There are the different forms of vitamin C that are available.
#3.  Echinacea is another immune booster that we keep in our medicine and herb cabinet here at our house my husband always downs some of these when he has a hint of anything to keep him going to work and supporting his family of 9. He even recommends this to his friends. 
#4 Elderberry - another immune booster.

#5.  Probiotics- are key for taking care of a the upset stomach whether it is a one time affair, a virus or an ongoing problem. Probiotics have been removed from most store bought breads and replaced with yeasts that are not good for us. Below are the probiotics for adults or children. It is also possible to include probiotics by including them in your diet with yogurt or sourdough or a number of fermented foods which I shall be writing about at a later date.

#5.  Ginger- Whether fresh or in a supplement will give you a boost or protect you in the winter season. 

Sometimes I make a whole pot of ginger tea in the sick months and keep it ready all day for the sickies.

You can also do salt baths with a little of these herbs (a bath infusion) in them which will infuse them into your body. I hope you get better and if you need anything don't hesitate to ask via the comment section. Salud!

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