Thursday, December 29, 2011

Daddy's Birthday Party!

Last night after church we went to a Mexican food place and ate with the family.  We hardly ever eat out so this was a big time celebration for us.  My parents in-law and my parents came and Lonnie had such a good time.  Before we left we decided to sing a song for the party guests and the few people that were left in the dining hall.  The sound carried really well and I felt free to sing to the honor and glory of the Lord!  As we were leaving we were asked if all of the children were singing and we told them yes they were.  From there we proceeded to Nana's house to enjoy some free cake. (my DH is sensitive to white sugar and hf corn syrup it causes him to have a sinus infection and that's any little bit)  It was a really nice night and then we came home and Daddy saw all of the cards and gits that the children made for him and I could tell that he was feeling really blessed!  Here is a photo of the birthday boy tweaked at for free!  You can also pay for the premium features.

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