Saturday, December 10, 2011

Clams of Speech #7

The crab did not tell General Clam where it was therefore the General threw him into sea prison.  then they thought that all they had to do was to find the oyster and all their problems would be solved.  The set out again on the path that the crab had been following. The soon realized that the crab had been on the last part of his journey when they found him. They went just a little further and they found the oyster. They looked in and they saw the pearl. The clams tried to use its power but there was one problem it didn't have any power. The clams were just about to give up when suddenly a sea zebra came by and told them that all of the clams really didn't need a pearl to talk.  They could already talk they just needed to try.  They did try and slowly began to utter their first sentences. Their first sentences spoke of what they wanted their names to be. The one clam that thought negative about everything got his name first. His name was, Negatory.  The clam which was positive got the name of Sam and the clam that was unsure of himself all the time, was called Max and felt more sure of himself because he could say what he wanted to say. At last they returned back home and told all of the other clams what had happened to them, how they had become the "clams of speech."


Husband, 4 boys, said...

I think I'd go back and start from the beginning.

Hi, I am from MBC and found you in the hop and in Feeding Nine on a Dime blogpage. I am a new follower.

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