Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cirrhosis of the Liver

I have been studying herbs for cirrhosis of the liver for a dear relative of mine. This is a condition that has many causes from fatty liver to some prescription drugs. You can go to web md to read more about the causes. What happens to the liver is that the liver's cell tissues are replaced by scar tissue and the scar tissue keeps the liver from effectively carrying out its jobs.  I wanted to include for you a plan of action for the natural health of your liver. One thing you may want to do is to be tested to see if you are low on B-12 and if you are start taking a weekly shot with the advise of your physician. Below are the other supplement recommendations. The B-12 will help boost your immune system.

Diet changes: 

Good Foods
Protein in raw goat milk, home made cottage cheese and almonds
Juicing is good
bland diet
Artichokes are good
Steam your vegetables
Olive oil is good

Foods to avoid
Avoid fatty foods
Also avoid salt if water is accumulating
avoid carbonated drinks
avoid fast foods

Herbalist Recommendations:
(just click on the supplements to see the ordering page from Natures Sunshine an over 30 year old company who offers quality supplements that produce results when taken properly)

Start with Milk Thistle
Spirulina great for energy
Vitamin C 1000 2 a day

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