Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Candy Cane Bicuits

I was thinking about breakfast, as I always do, and I wanted to do something Christmasy (new word) so I decided to make some candy cane biscuits. I don't know if I will do it but I might just turn this into an advent thing something Christmasy every morning. I am also saving a little back every morning so that I can use it for stocking stuffers. Here goes.


Just mix up a quadruple amount of biscuit dough recipe off  of your baking powder can but separate half into another bowl and when you add the wet ingredients add red food coloring enough to make the color a dark pink  (about a 1/8 teaspoon or so, you can few drops at a time to see what you like)  and some peppermint extract to give it a punch (I didn't do this I didn't have any) about a teaspoon.

Then just oil your board or table break off  inch pieces and spray your pieces with oil too. Roll back and forth with a fluid motion to create the strands and then roll together to form candy canes or peppermint sticks. The Zkids wanted to help so I gave them their own work space at the kitchen table and we all took off working on our candy canes. I think everyone was in the Christmas spirit and loved the memory making experience. We even had some Christmas music going in the background. They sort of looked like cookies but blended a little better.
Candy Cane Cookies
Click on the picture for the cookie recipe!


kat said...

Thanks for linking to my recipe. Cheers.

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